Oct 29, 2021
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Zrada won: Ukraine buys light for bulbs from Putin and Lukashenka

Zrada won: Ukraine buys light for bulbs from Putin and Lukashenka

Photo: Alexander Reka / TASS

Long-resisted Ukraine surrendered and bought electricity from Russia and Belarus. Ukrainian companies bought out the capacity available for import in November in the amount of 2,200 MW from the Russian Federation and 900 megawatts from the Republic of Belarus. This was reported on the Ukrenergo website.

The situation with energy resources in the country is deteriorating every day due to rising gas prices and a shortage of coal, and, apparently, the companies decided to take advantage of the fact that the regulator’s ban on electricity imports from Belarus and Russia expires on November 1, 2021.

Ukrainians reacted very harshly to the news published by TSN on Facebook.

“Due to the lack of brains, the shortage of fuel is not surprising,” said Svet user Lana Gladkova.

“I’m starting to experience Spanish shame!” – Valery Voloshchuk admitted.

“This is ‘aggressive’ electricity! Cut off the wires and buy candles urgently. Well, you can also jump ropes and saucepans, ”advises Aleksandr V. Hristich.

“What a terrible ‘achressor’. Sells electricity, offered gas at a good price. And what do American and European “friends” offer us? Only weapons? What interesting friends and aggressors, ”Roman Tomenko sneers.

“How so. Electricity to buy from Russia, with which the war ??? For this money, she will further strengthen her army, with which Ukraine is at war … And in Belarus, with whom will they negotiate, with the illegitimate president or with Tikhanovskaya ??? “, Alexander Trubitsyn asks.

“And mind you – neither Russia nor Belarus bend their fingers with the words ‘and now the prices are three times higher, but how did you cut off Crimea?’ etc.“, – states Pavel Buhanov.

“Well, sho, peremoga ??? But we buy Russian gas through intermediaries, where is the logic? Shanovna panstvo, when you were putting on the pans, did you think about the consequences or were you already mentally marching down Broadway in trousers? ” – asks Denis Lozovik.

“Gas directly $ 175 per 1000 m³ with a 25 percent discount – so NE … Better on a non-existent reverse from Eurohubs at a Zakhmarin (transcendental – ed.) Price plus up to $ 50 for this virtual reverse in someone’s pocket,” Andrey Paranyuk.

Indeed, what is stopping Kiev from shouting about Russian aggression, leaving Nord Stream 2 alone and trying to negotiate the purchase of gas at an adequate price? Apparently, as noted earlier by a Ukrainian public and political figure, People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the V, VI and VII convocations Spiridon Kilinkarov, psychiatrists can best answer this question. However, commands from Washington, which has already given the go-ahead to Europe for “undemocratic” Russian gas, can also be expected in Kiev.

Head of the Energy Development Fund Sergey Pikin drew attention to the fact that Ukraine’s problems with electricity are caused by a shortage of coal.

– Coal reserves are at historic lows, I don’t remember if there was such a thing at all. They are now 4-5 times less than the standard. And they do not increase, but decrease.

“SP”: – What is it connected with?

– They have not established relations with the east of the country, there are no purchases, there is not enough production. Coal stations are therefore limited.

“SP”: – Then maybe they should agree with Russia on direct supplies and an affordable price for them?

– For them, gas is a political issue. If they can still do it in terms of electricity, although they tried to make it political – they limited themselves this year to the last one, waited for November, then the situation with regard to gas is more sensitive. The fight against Russia and the fight against Gazprom are the same concepts for them. If you go to the signing of a contract with “Gazprom”, then go to negotiations with Russia. They will postpone until the last.

The moment of truth, I think, will come in February. If the temperatures are as low as they were in February of this year, then I think the chances of negotiations are very high. Gas reserves in Ukraine are now minimal in recent years. Even if it was said in 2014 that there was not enough gas, now there are even smaller volumes.

If February is cold, you will have to start negotiations right away, because the Europeans are unlikely to share their gas.

RIAC Expert Alexander Gushchin noted that as a result of the problems of recent years, including with gas production, with ineffective management of Naftogaz, the Kiev government was trapped.

– It must buy gas at high prices and the population must receive it at certain tariffs. It requires very competent and delicate management, for which there are no options yet. At the same time, the situation for the authorities is difficult, because Vladimir Zelensky, on the one hand, difficult relations with Russia, which is now especially shown by the situation in Donbass. This is no coincidence in the context of the launch of Nord Stream 2, and in the context of the talks in Moscow between us and the Americans. On the other hand, Zelensky’s relations with the West are also very complicated.

Zelensky’s main goal is to be re-elected for a second term, no matter in urgent or early presidential elections. With such tariffs, social protests are highly likely. I am not saying that there will be a Maidan, it needs a sum of factors: oligarchic consensus, external consensus and social issues.

Formally, Zelensky is strengthening, because a mono-majority is being built (the speaker of parliament leaves etc.), but in reality, from the point of view of relations with Western partners and the social situation inside, everything is not so simple.

Of course, tariffs are very serious, so you have to go to buy electricity. There will be problems with electricity, a cold winter is expected, everyone knew about it. Hydropower produces small amounts of electricity; more coal was consumed than it should have been. The whole situation shows an extremely ineffective management of key spheres for Ukraine by the new authorities.

For now, I think it will continue this way. The new government is still more engaged in PR, military-political statements, and the reality is very serious.

If you look at the latest ratings, they show: the party Petro Poroshenko already surpasses Zelensky’s party. I think this is largely due to two factors: the social situation in the country, including tariffs, and the Pandora scandal to a lesser extent, as well as in general with the rhetoric of the Ukrainian authorities, which increasingly irritates society and the elite.

“SP”: – Will Kiev have to negotiate with Moscow on gas?

– I think so far no alternative is being seen. The addiction will persist. It is difficult to say in what format this will happen. After all, an increase in tariffs can lead to serious unrest.

They understand that one way or another they must control gas prices. If tariffs get out of control, there will be no containment leverage.

Much will depend on the position of the Western partners, but relations with the United States are now quite tense.

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