Nov 11, 2022
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Zodiac Signs Employers Love


Oddly enough, but some employers pay attention to the sign of the zodiac when applying for a job.

It turns out that when applying for a job, not only experience and professional skills are important, but also the sign of the zodiac. Not all, but as many as 15% of employers pay attention to the date of birth of a potential employee and study his horoscope before making a final decision.

Representatives of the service spoke about how the horoscope affects career success. It was they who conducted the study and interviewed employers. The experts managed to find out that belonging to one or another sign is especially important for the position of a top manager – you pay attention to Capricorn or Virgo in 52% of cases. Less often, but still interested in the date of birth, employers hiring salespeople – 16%, and managers – 13%.

It also turned out which representatives of the signs are considered the best workers. In the first place – Taurus, they were appreciated by 10% of managers. The second position was shared by Virgo and Aries, both signs scored 9% of the votes. Also in the top 3 are the Lions. Outsiders were Scorpions and Cancers.

According to the representative of the service, Tatiana Moshchagina, applicants also check the horoscope of their future bosses to understand whether they will work or not. According to the expert, 46% of applicants are interested in compatibility with future leaders, based on astrology.

For those people who believe in horoscopes in everyday life, this indicator has become important in the work area, because, according to astrological teachings, zodiac signs have a certain character, mindset, temperament. Thus, employers want to make sure in advance that they will find a common language with a future employee.“, – quoted Moschagina” Izvestia “.

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