Jan 11, 2021
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Zodiac sign relationships: what to expect if your man is Scorpio

Zodiac sign relationships: what to expect if your man is Scorpio

A woman always wants to know everything about a man she likes, and she is especially interested in how he will behave in a relationship and what to expect from him. And there is nothing strange in this, because further female happiness depends on the man. One of the easiest ways to get an idea of ​​what the future holds is astrology.

The horoscope is not the last resort and it does not give 100% accuracy, but there are still features inherent in certain signs of the zodiac.

The most mysterious and unpredictable zodiac sign is Scorpio. Today we will open for you all the secret doors of the character of the stronger sex, who were born under the constellation of Scorpio.

The Scorpio man loves to shock others. In the morning he could be an exemplary boy, and by the evening he could do something. But it is this unpredictability that attracts women like a magnet, because the fair sex, for the most part, adore everything that promises interesting adventures.

Scorpios seem to radiate the energy of eroticism. One has only to remember Alain Delon for example. People like him enjoy the chase, but they can only be interested in a woman that other men like. A good, calm, faithful girl is not for them. Here’s a hysterical – perfect. They need danger, confrontation, so that a woman is a real intriguer and predator.

They are very sociable and well-rounded. They often have many friends, and they easily fit into a new company. They joke a lot and love to be in the spotlight. But in any conflict, Scorpios are very dangerous, even cruel opponents, it is better to think twice than to get involved in a quarrel with them. It is interesting that they perceive other people’s shortcomings as something terrible, while treating their own is quite normal.

If you just love flirting without continuing, we do not advise you to contact representatives of this sign. They are very cunning in terms of seduction and adore a dangerous game in which they must definitely become the winners. Scorpios do not tolerate rejections, so they will take the most cunning measures to drag you to bed. These are very contradictory natures, whose actions are completely impossible to predict. They realize their idea with lightning speed, until it flew out of their heads.

Scorpios prefer to dominate in bed. Monotonous sex for them is the collapse of the relationship. They prefer the game. In sex, they are insatiable and even a little rude, because they are convinced that all women like to obey men. Reality will surpass all your expectations and you will have unforgettable sex. But if you prefer tenderness and affection, then you shouldn’t even mess with Scorpio.

It is very difficult to negotiate contraception with a Scorpio man. They hate condoms, and coitus is a feat for them. His own feelings are important to him, and they perceive any opposition from the partner as a personal insult. He loves erotic experiments, even the strangest, the main selection criterion is to get an unforgettable experience. This man
tries to make his partner get not one orgasm, but several.

While Scorpio men are not married, they lead a wild lifestyle. They have a lot of energy, which they use for casual relationships, alcohol, and sometimes drugs. Fortunately, they have enough willpower to stop in time. But when they find the same woman, they are ready for anything. These are very loyal husbands who always support and protect their wife. In marriage, it’s like a new person.

Scorpios know how to concentrate, have a lively imagination, courage, willpower and a thirst for entrepreneurship – as a rule, a combination of all these qualities promises success. When it comes to finance and investment, then they demonstrate excellent business acumen, it is almost impossible to persuade them to take part in any foul-smelling business.

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