Oct 19, 2021
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Zmeelov has collected an incredible “harvest” of rattlesnakes

incredible harvest of rattlesnakesA resident of North Bay (California, USA), who noticed that a snake had slipped under his house, immediately turned to specialists.

incredible harvest of rattlesnakes

Zmeelov Al Wolf, who came to the rescue of the homeowner, really provided invaluable help, but the expert admitted that he would like such workdays to fall to his lot as rarely as possible. After spending about three hours under the house, Al collected an incredible “crop” of 92 rattlesnakes. Needless to say, the man was tired, worn out and dominated by not particularly pleasant emotions.

incredible harvest of rattlesnakes

Later, snake catchers added that such an accumulation of reptiles is a rather rare occurrence. In this case, it is likely related to the recent drought. It is she who makes snakes massively go to areas where there is water and lizards and rodents are found, which can be hunted.

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