Oct 16, 2021
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Zinaida Kirienko: “It’s very difficult for actresses to be friends”

Zinaida Kirienko: “It’s very difficult for actresses to be friends”

Burning eyes, energy over the edge, bright outfits – at 88 years old it is simply indecent to look like that! Someone will say: everything from an easy life. But the legendary actress Zinaida Kiriyenko had a lot of trials …

– Zinaida Mikhailovna, at the recent festival “Amur Autumn” you were awarded the prize “For Outstanding Contribution to the Profession” …

– Yes, but I didn’t fly there for the award, I didn’t even know that it would be presented. I like the festival itself. I respect others as well, but it is at the “Amur Autumn” – a unique atmosphere of the holiday. I am young at heart here. I see how they love me here, how they wait …

– Did the pandemic scare you? Did you have any doubts before the flight? And do you have any thoughts why all this was sent to us?

– Everyone is afraid of a pandemic, how not to be scared … But I was not afraid to fly, I was vaccinated in the district clinic. Yes, and God protects me … I think that most people of my generation have a good Soviet temper. And, by the way, in Soviet times, we were given all the necessary vaccinations, they gave us fish oil. Even now I remember how my mother stuffed me with them … Of course, it’s scary when both the elderly and the young die, but most of all I feel sorry for our doctors. They are real heroes, they had to endure so much! And all this infection was sent to us for our sins. I am very worried about the future of my family: I have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. But what worries me most of all is what will happen to Russia.

– What exactly scares you?

– I am frightened by people who molest children with the question: “Who do you want to be: a boy or a girl?” Why do you climb into those areas that absolutely do not need to be invaded ?! Who are you, Lord God? Who allowed you to resolve these issues instead of the Creator? .. And now all this abomination, hiding behind amiable smiles, creeps to us in Russia. In my opinion, this is real idiocy when there is no dad and mom, but there is the first parent and the second. And if humanity goes against the eternal postulates, then it is doomed.

– What do you think about the fashionable surrogacy today?

– You yourself answer the question: is it good to have a child without a mother? But people have already begun to doubt whether this is good or bad. And when homosexual couples take on a child to raise, this is also not good. What will grow out of this creature? Neuter gender? I understand that many show business stars do this for the sake of advertising. Let them do what they want, even if they dance on their heads. But how can this be legalized ?!


– Zinaida Mikhailovna, you haven’t had a single negative character in your cinema. Why?

– Because if I was offered to play some vile villainess, I always refused. I do not like to waste my mental strength on this and cultivate various dirty qualities in myself. And, by the way, I don’t understand actors who want to play all sorts of scum or murderers. How do you have to turn everything in your soul in order to play a maniac or a person who does mean things and rejoices? .. No, I have always refused such offers, romantic heroines are closer to my soul.

– You set off to conquer Moscow at 18. Mom was not afraid to let you go to the city, where there are so many temptations?

– No. First, she sent me to Moscow to my sister, to my own aunt. Secondly, my family raised me correctly. That is, my mother sent me to a foreign city and was calm. I knew that I would not let her down. As for all sorts of nonsense, to be honest, the time was different. There was no such total depravity when pregnant schoolgirls are shown on every TV channel and they are happy to discuss in what poses they had sex. For me, this is a real shock, because I see what kind of generation is being brought up by our television. One thing I can say: television today fosters cruelty and indifference. Will these young people go to defend their homeland? No, it won’t. They are so educated that they will not protect anyone. Young people now know how to cheat someone and have a good time. I’m not interested in anything else. In many ways, of course, art is also to blame. We were taught that real art should bring pure and light into the life of every person. It must penetrate the soul and fill it with good. And today we see sheer vulgarity on the screen. And cinema has become like that, and television – they take out everything human from the soul.

– Why do you think there are no such screen stars today as they were in your time?

– Because now the selection criterion is sexuality, not talent. The producer chooses not an actress who talentedly and convincingly plays the role, but a girl for the night … sorry for being rude. When I turn on the TV and watch a movie or TV series, I can’t remember a single last name. I am horrified by how many actors and actresses we have. Some kind of army! They are like “hail from TV”: all with the same faces and empty eyes. There are so many of them that no one is interested in a further acting career. Solid consumer goods!

When I entered the acting department, the competition was 529 people per place. Only 23 people were admitted. And only 11 graduated from the institute. All the rest were expelled for incompetence or they left for various reasons. And Lyusya Gurchenko and, excuse me, me became famous from all over the course. And here it is not the quantity that matters, but the selection criteria. The criteria were serious and meticulous. Actors were then measured by other standards and taught that the people would look at them and take an example from them.

– Were you friends with Lyudmila Gurchenko?

– We were friends with Gurchenko at first, until she began to get married. In the first years, we became very close to her, she constantly came to visit my aunt, stayed overnight. And then she didn’t even invite me to the next wedding … Life divorces, it is very difficult for actresses to be friends. First, whatever one may say, there is rivalry. And secondly, because there is no time to be close friends, there is no opportunity to meet often. Acting work is constant shooting, tours, concerts in different cities. The life of the actress is so arranged that she is constantly forced to be torn between family, children and work. For example, the actress came from filming. And what, will she go to meet with her friend right away? No, she will run to her children and her husband, whom she has not seen for a long time. What kind of friendship is that ?!


– You are probably tired of the eternal compliments, conversations that you look much younger than your age. And yet what is your secret?

– This is genetics and nature, nothing else. My creams are the simplest, I do not go to cosmetologists often. She always led a correct lifestyle, without any frills. But, by the way, I tried to smoke. When I had worries about my youth, I smoked a little. But then I dropped it, I didn’t like it. From alcohol I prefer good vodka, and, by the way, doctors recommend vodka for health. To be honest, it is sometimes even strange for me when people say: “I absolutely do not drink!” It looks suspicious, because a normal person can always afford a glass or two at the table. It’s just that everything should be in moderation.

– Is it really that simple: just a healthy lifestyle and nothing else?

– You know, I myself am surprised: at 50 I looked 30. Once scientists came to me, examined my body and came to the conclusion that my biological age does not coincide with the real one and the difference is just 20 years. Everyone tortured me why this is happening. But it only amused me. It is only God who knows why … This is all genetics, I have nothing to do with it. Of course, I want my genes to go to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren …

– Are they proud of you?

– Of course, they saw my films, because they are often shown on TV, and any film can be found on the Internet. But, in addition to roles in films, they saw my performances in the theater. I remember playing Katerina in The Thunderstorm – my son sat and cried, he was so shocked by what was happening on stage … I always tried to take my children to the theater, did not want to part with them for a long time, so they perceive me as an ordinary mother, without any stardom. I also often see my grandchildren, everything is like in any other families. But I really sympathize with modern parents: today it is a big problem to find time for a child. Adults forget about children, they are anxious to earn a piece of bread. Life has become expensive, difficult, there is not always time and energy for children. But I want them to understand: if you miss a child, do not devote yourself to his upbringing, do not give him a part of his soul, then he will grow up cruel and indifferent. And with such a monster you will have to meet old age …

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