Oct 19, 2020
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Zhirinovsky proposed to ban travel from Russia

The travel of tourists abroad must be stopped due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Russia. The head of the LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

According to him, it was the Russians vacationing abroad that provoked a new wave of infections both in Moscow and in other regions of Russia. In this regard, the politician points out that the resumption of tourist trips was premature, and proposes "to urgently stop the departure of citizens abroad for tourist purposes."

“Those responsible for the decision to open the borders should be punished,” Zhirinovsky said. He added that in the future it will be possible to resume travel only to those countries where the epidemic has stopped.

Earlier, Russian experts called the likelihood of another complete closure of borders during the coronavirus pandemic low.

Over the past day, 15,099 new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Russia. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, almost 1.4 million cases have been identified in the country, 24 thousand have died.

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