Feb 19, 2021
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Zhanna Friske’s parents announced their intention to sell a share in the singer’s apartment to their own grandson for 21 million rubles

04:56, 19.02.2021

They offer to buy a living space to Dmitry Shepelev, as the boy’s legal representative.

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In early January, it became known that Dmitry Shepelev intends to sell his son’s share in the apartment of Zhanna Friske, who died of cancer. Seven-year-old Plato owns one third of the elite living space, and Jeanne’s parents inherited 2/3 of the housing. Dmitry, as the legal representative of his minor child, decided to put up part of the apartment that belongs to his son for sale. At the same time, the cost of the designated share can reach approximately 15 million rubles.

Then Shepelev’s decision to sell part of the apartment angered Zhanna Friske’s relatives. Moreover, they filed a lawsuit to prohibit Dmitry from alienating the share. However, the Khamovnichesky court, as indicated on the website, returned the claim on the grounds that “the case is not under the jurisdiction of this court.” As a result, the fate of Friske’s apartments in Shmitovskiy proezd remains unresolved.

A few hours ago it became known that Vladimir and Olga Friske, who have repeatedly stated that they want to give their grandson an apartment for their mother who died of cancer when he grows up, decided not to wait for their grandson to come of age and offer him to buy their part of the apartment. The price for which the grandparents are ready to sell the property to their grandson is also known – 21 million rubles.

“At the same time it is curious that the cadastral value is 23 million 966 thousand rubles, that is, the price of these 2/3 is significantly overstated. For some reason, grandfather and grandmother no longer want to wait for their grandson to come of age in order to transfer the right to use the apartment to him … But in fact they offer 7-year-old Plato, whose legal representative is his father, to buy out square meters. Although how many times Vladimir Borisovich swore that for him and his wife this is a real inviolable shrine, since it reminds of his daughter. It was even traced that he had a great desire to make there something like a Jeanne’s museum, ”they told StarHit surrounded by the TV presenter.

Note that five years have passed since the death of Zhanna Friske, but nothing has changed. According to the sister of the artist Natalya, she and her parents only occasionally come to the apartment to wipe the dust and make sure that everything is fine with the housing. Thus, the artist’s apartment now looks more like a museum than an apartment. By the way, Zhanna Friske personally developed the interior design of the apartments in Shmitovskiy proezd and chose furniture. So, in the kitchen, combined with the living room, there is an oak set with a marble top. In the bedroom there is a bed upholstered in velvet, and golden curtains hang on the windows.

Friske’s concert costumes are still kept in the same apartment, as well as 300 pairs of shoes. It is noteworthy that the parents of the late singer over the past five years have repeatedly received offers to rent out living space, but they refused. The only exception was the parking space. With the money received for him, Vladimir Friske and his wife paid the rent. The family wants to keep Jeanne’s apartment in the form in which she was during the life of the singer, so that Plato in the future could know better about his mother.

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