Apr 19, 2021
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Zhanna Friske’s father called Boris Korchevnikov a member of the family

17:29, 04/19/2021

The singer’s mother always warmly received the TV presenter.

On April 15, it became known that in honor of the anniversary of the “Live” program, the hosts Boris Korchevnikov, Andrei Malakhov and Mikhail Zelensky got together to shoot the program. This year the TV program is celebrating 10 years. Today there was a release with the participation of three presenters, the guests of which were many stars of show business, among whom was Zhanna Friske’s father Vladimir… During the program, he commented on his relationship with Boris Korchevnikov, whom he called a member of his family.

“Thanks a lot. Thanks to you, they still remember my daughter, call us, write the kindest memories. In particular, I would like to say a huge thank you to Borenka, he is, one might say, a member of our family. I visited our house several times. His wife came, she always knew that he loved dumplings, and he stopped by to visit us. We cooked especially for him. He promised for the last time that he would come, but for some reason he never came. And to you, Andrey, many thanks, and your transfer, health to all of you, ”Vladimir Friske said about his friendship with Boris Korchevnikov.

Zhanna Friske’s father thanked Boris Korchevnikov for his support and called him a member of his family

In addition to the details of the relationship between the presenter and the family of Zhanna Friske, the program discussed the beginning of the path of Mikhail Zelinsky and Andrei Malakhov. Boris Korchevnikov’s mother, Irina Leonidovna, talked about how her son first gave an interview at the age of 9 to Olga Rudneva, and even then Boris showed his talents well. The guest was also the star of the series “Kadetstvo” Sergei Plotnikov, who thanked the program and the presenter for changing the fate of people. It is also worth noting that during his work on the channel, Boris Korchevnikov has conducted 946 Live programs.

Boris Korchevnikov on the air of the “Live” program

Recall that Boris Korchevnikov and Andrei Malakhov did not share with their subscribers frames and videos from the filming of the anniversary issue. Mikhail Zelensky distinguished himself from his colleagues and posted a photo on his microblog on Instagram. He signed it: “Three heroes or 10 years of the program“ Live ”. Daria Dontsova, Evelina Bledans, Yana Poplavskaya, Danya Milokhin and other celebrities were the guests of the anniversary edition of the TV program. It is worth noting that at the end of the anniversary program, blogger Danya Milokhin came to the studio of the program, who presented Andrei Malakhov with a toy car. After talking with the TikTok star, all the participants in the show sang Grigory Leps’s song “The Best Day”.

The guests of the program together with the presenters sang the song “The Best Day”

It should be noted that Mikhail Zelensky became the first presenter of “Live”. He led the program from 2011 to 2013. After the restart of the show, Boris Korchevnikov began to broadcast the show. In April 2017, rumors began to appear in the press that Korchevnikov would leave the program, and Dmitry Shepelev would come in his place. Boris later denied this information on his social networks. However, in the summer of that year, he nevertheless left the “Live” talk show. In August 2017, Andrey Malakhov took the leading position. With his arrival, the show received a new format and the name “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. During the entire existence of the TV program, the talk show has never gone on vacation.

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