Jun 22, 2022
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Zhanna Epple spoke about sex at her age


Actress Zhanna Epple spoke about the status of her grandmother.

The actress, who looks younger than her years, receives daily compliments from the opposite sex. At the same time, the actress does not have a permanent companion. And if the star had started an affair, then, according to her, the curious would know about it last.

Zhanna Epple does not like to advertise her personal life, and even more so to share some frank details. The actress does not understand those who happily demonstrate their relationship at all.

Zhanna Epple - photo from the archive -
Zhanna Epple – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

If you still have sex – do not talk about it. There is age appropriateness, no need to be funny. It seems to me that at this age style is more important, your fulfillment, grandchildren, children – we need to talk about this, and not about sex”, The 57-year-old star shared her thoughts in an interview with Vokrug TV.

Despite the secrecy, Zhanna admitted that she is not dating anyone now. “What do I dream about? I would like happiness in my personal life – I have everything else, ”she said.

The artist does not dwell on failures. She has no time to think about problems, because she recently became a grandmother for the second time. Now Epple devotes all the time to her grandchildren – Severin and Yermak.

The eldest grandson calls me grandmother. Somehow she shouts at the whole park: “Grandma!”. And I said to him: “Sever, could you be a little more kind to me?” And he, sitting on a swing, replies: “Epple, swing.” And I say that it is better to be a grandmother. They are funny”, — shared a funny story movie star.

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