Jun 8, 2022
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Zhanna Aguzarova, after a long break, performed at the Green Theater at VDNKh


The queen of rock and roll, 60-year-old singer Zhanna Aguzarova with yellow hair, after a long break, took the stage, and fans hardly recognized her.

Zhanna Aguzarova appeared in public for the first time in a long time. The artist gave a solo concert in Moscow, at the Green Theater at VDNKh. Andrey Malakhov shared footage from her performance on his telegram channel. By the way, the previous full-fledged performance of the artist took place about seven years ago.

Cosmic power never judges or condemns. Be grateful for what you have. And you will have more”, Aguzarova addressed those present.

Her voice remained the same. But the fans with great difficulty identified the former soloist of the Bravo group. The star radically changed her appearance, using the services of a plastic surgeon. This year, the artist will turn 60 years old. Jeanne never changes her extravagant image. This time she chose a floor-length lemon dress, a lot of massive jewelry and accessories, and black glasses. And struck fans with an unrecognizable face and yellow hair.

Zhanna AguzarevaZhanna Aguzareva

Recently, Dr. Tagir Faizullin revealed the details of Aguzarova’s operations. According to him, the singer spent at least three million rubles on the transformation. He also noted that such operations can cost up to tens of millions of rubles, because Zhanna made a huge amount of them.
He believes that the singer had a facelift, and eyelid correction, and lipofilling.

It can be seen that the fillers were injected into the lips and nasolabial folds. Appearance has changed dramatically, judging by her last appearance. Based on the canons of plastic surgery, then all these changes led Aguzarova’s appearance not to the best.“, – said the expert in the media.

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