May 15, 2022
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“Zerg Rush” in Ukrainian: “Square” is preparing to put a million soldiers under arms

Photo: Dmitry Smolenkoukrinform/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

In July 2021, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed the law “On the Foundations of National Resistance”, according to which, from January 1, 2022, the territorial defense battalions created in the “square” became a separate branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At that time, they included 25 brigades with a total number of up to 100 thousand people.

Thus, at the time of the start of Russia’s special military operation, according to Ukrainian media reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine included about 200,000 people.

A few days later, on March 4, Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law allowing civilians to use firearms in the course of “national resistance”, and on March 15, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky reported that the population had already been given “tens of thousands of machine guns.”

After almost three months of hostilities, on May 13, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov stated that the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine must be increased significantly.

“Thanks to the preparatory measures taken and the mobilization of the Ukrainian people, the actions of the authorities, who retained control over the country, the defense was organized. At the initial stages, volunteers helped a lot, who, thanks to mobility, solved acute problematic issues. The deployment of a state mechanism is a lot of formalities, even in war conditions. And not only in warring Ukraine. We are guided by the need to provide 1 million people who will fight the enemy, ”TASS quotes Reznikov’s message on his social media account.

In this regard, there are at least two serious questions for the “Ze team”.

Firstly, where are they going to find such a large number of people to put “under arms”, given that the multimillion-dollar flow of refugees from Ukraine to European countries and Russia does not dry out?

Secondly, why do they need so many people who, in fact, did not smell gunpowder, who have a very remote idea not only about military tactics and strategy, but also about army life in general, and even in such conditions?

Official Ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic in Moscow Rodion Miroshnik already stated in his Telegram channel that the Kyiv regime, announcing the mobilization of citizens on such a scale, does not think about ordinary citizens at all.

“The US & UK and Co. provide weapons, ammunition and money for survival, and Ukraine invests in “human goods” – it will supply cannon fodder. Biden intends to give 40 billion dollars, the G7 countries announced 30 billion euros, and here Ukraine is putting up one million human lives, ”Miroshnik wrote.

“The Kyiv regime has declared that it is going to organize some kind of “large-scale offensive” in order to “return the entire territory of Ukraine under control”, and so it makes such statements,” shared his view of what is happening with “SP” political scientist Marat Bashirov.

– To service the military equipment that the Armed Forces of Ukraine has, such a number of people are not needed, respectively, it means that in such wide columns, arming the mobilized with small arms, people will simply be driven to slaughter.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are already now placing participants in the territorial defense, which was originally created exclusively for the protection of cities, in the first lines that take the blow, and behind them – personnel forces that have retained at least some remnants of combat capability. I believe that as a result of the coming mobilization, this phenomenon is waiting for us on a grandiose scale.

“SP”: – And physically, the Kyiv regime is able to put so many soldiers “under arms”?

– If he now prohibits men under 60 from leaving the country, then, accordingly, I assume that they will be able to collect a million. Quite something, I think, they are unlikely to attract children, but old people – completely.

“This statement by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine about mobilization on such a scale against the backdrop of the final decay of America, which needs “square” only in order to sell old weapons and gas to Europe, should be regarded rather as a sharp croaking of a frog in a Ukrainian swamp,” he said. specialist in military strategy and information warfare, military expert Igor Nikolaychuk.

– Any mobilization, and even more so such a large-scale one, requires certain military-political and military-economic conditions. For Ukraine, in a situation where, out of more than 40 million people, about 30 million of the population remained in the country due to the flow of refugees, it is possible to put “under arms” almost every thirtieth, maybe, under the sauce “square is in danger, we will die for it as one”, but in reality it can be very, very problematic.

Firstly, the internal situation in the country is such that only outright Bandera followers show at least some enthusiasm, although, as the special operation shows, there are not so few of them. With the announcement of this mobilization, the flow of refugees will grow even more, because any more or less sane person understands that fighting with Russia is a hopeless business, and no America will help them, Congress has already blocked 40 billion dollars of military assistance.

Secondly, these people will need to be somehow fed, clothed, shoes and armed. And where do you order to take transport, weapons, not to mention food? Germany, as before under the Kaiser Wilhelm IIand then – under the Nazis, again exports tons of strategic grain reserves from the country, the weapons that are supplied to Ukraine through Western channels are clearly not enough for a million-strong army, and the “square” does not have its own reserves. Unless with bare hands to take for the sake of this Sausage in Transnistria, where shells of 1936 production are stored. The industry of Ukraine lies on its side without the prospect of revival, which means that these recruits will not see normal uniforms either.

Thirdly, even if a million people come to the Ukrainian military registration and enlistment offices, they must somehow be organized and trained. Well, they will break them into brigades, and then what? To teach them at least something in the slightest degree, it will take at least months.

“SP”: – Then what is the meaning of such a statement by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine? “Scare” Russia? Or just to make a statement?

– Kyiv politicians have long put on stream such statements in the style of “stand-up”, having developed this colloquial genre to unprecedented heights. The Minister of Defense expressed a purely populist thing, designed primarily for the Western, American layman. Say, we have a lot of people, give us only weapons. Moreover, Zelensky himself spoke earlier in the spirit that we don’t need volunteers, give us weapons, then we ourselves will take Belgorod, Kursk, and reach Moscow.

This, summarized Igor Nikolaychuk, is quite understandable – the Kyiv regime is stubbornly trying in this way with the last of its strength to retain power over the perishing and bled through nationalist state, into which they turned Ukraine, which flourished as part of the USSR, at the time of independence, the former richest and most advanced state of Eastern Europe .

So we are waiting for the next delusional statements of the first persons of the Kyiv regime, under whose auspices it is so convenient to cut into their pockets multi-billion dollar flows of “military aid” from Western neighbors.

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