Oct 21, 2021
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Zeman personally signed a document on the convocation of the first meeting of the new parliament

Czech President Milos Zeman personally signed a document on the convening of the first meeting of the new parliament, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the head of the Czech leader’s administration Vratislav Minarz.

He announced this at a briefing and showed a video of the moment of signing.

Zeman was hospitalized on the morning of October 10. The media wrote that by the time he arrived at the Central Military Hospital (CVH) in Prague, he was unconscious, but the head of the presidential office said that the politician was just asleep. The director of the CVH and the president’s attending physician, Professor Miroslav Zaboral, said that 77-year-old Zeman is in the intensive care unit. He refused to give a diagnosis without the patient’s consent.

Earlier this week, the head of the Senate, Milos Vystrčil, released a letter from the leadership of the CVG, which was a response to his request. It said that Zeman was incapable of performing his official duties. Doctors called the long-term forecast of the president’s condition uncertain, and the likelihood of his return to work in the foreseeable future is unlikely.

In this regard, the members of the constitutional commission of the Czech Senate proposed to launch the procedure for depriving him of his presidential powers in accordance with Article 66 of the Constitution of the country due to the impossibility of fulfilling them for health reasons.

Earlier it was reported that after Zeman’s hospitalization, a case was opened in the Czech Republic and an investigation was launched for possible manipulations by the presidential administration with information about the state of health of the head of state.

Zeman was also reported to have liver problems.

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