Jun 13, 2022
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Zelensky’s wife decided to form a “women’s battalion” in the USA

In the photo: the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya.

In the photo: the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya. (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

The wife of the former comedian, and now the leader of the “nenka” Zelensky, as Ukrainian telegram channels write, set herself up in full. In an interview with the American television channel ABC, she, in fact, voiced the most dangerous scenario for ordinary hulks. “I really want the whole world, and the Americans too, not to get used to this battle,” she said.

“Don’t get used to it” means in her mouth the further pumping of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, despite the fact that no one across the ocean believes in the victory of Ukraine. At the same time, the first lady is convinced that the Ukrainians will survive this conflict, no matter how long it lasts.

According to her, there is a problem with population fatigue, but it will be solved. “Ukrainians do not turn to shrinks, so a large-scale communication campaign is needed,” Zelenskaya said.

Of course, there were some “Russian atrocities”, while the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are God’s dandelions, who are ready to fight as much as they want for the “right Nenko”, which is headed by her husband.

The interview was organized by the press service of the president’s office, and the show was not without a show. “The conversation was interrupted for 40 minutes by an air raid – this episode was also seen by American viewers,” pro-government media outlets told Square. Like, orcs are bombing Kyiv 24/7.

According to Ukrainian truth-tellers, Ze-team media workers pursued a number of tasks. Through the first lady, Kyiv would like to reach out to American housewives, who, according to the latest surveys of various sociological services, do not care about the “square”.

Zelenskaya clearly appealed to the maternal instinct of the female half of the United States. Her responses to prearranged questions were carefully crafted to elicit maximum empathy. She stated: “There are children who have seen their parents killed. Here in the Kyiv region, for example, there are boys who saw how their mother was killed, and they themselves had to bury her.”

Yes, it’s terrible… but Zelenskaya forgot to say that the Nazis have been killing the children of Donbass for 8 years now. And in general, her husband came to power on promises to restore peace. He lied (that is, he deceived on the move), just like he lied about the fact that Russian soldiers rape children. What the Kyiv regime itself actually admitted.

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights Daria Gerasimchuk, Let us recall, she confessed: “To date, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has not a single confirmed fact of violence.”

After Zelenskaya’s interview, a number of Ukrainian telegram channels accused the first lady of extreme cynicism. Taking into account the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the fronts, her chatter means a battle to the last Ukrainian. Zhovto-Blakit society was indignant: “And you asked us.”

What prevented her clever husband from accepting the neutral status of Ukraine and recognizing the territorial status quo on February 24? By the way, the leading US conservative publication American Conservative writes about the same: “Ukraine, largely supported by the United States and Western European countries, is still not interested in finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis, despite the fact that Russia has offered President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian leadership several exits in the first two months of hostilities.

If Elena Vladimirovna turns to the Yankees, declaring that the “square” will not give up her lands, then she should have taken an interest in the past of the United States. Then she would have known that during the military conflict with Mexico in 1846-1848, the Americans chopped off 55% of the territory of the neighboring state.

All the talk about what happened under Tsar Pea is not worth a damn. From the point of view of the thousands of years of human history, the past two centuries are just a moment.

When Zelenskaya tries to knock out a tear from the Yankees with the words “We are not ready to give up our territories,” they gradually recall that the Mexicans said the same thing about Texas. As the saying goes, you can’t be half pregnant.

In addition, the first lady naively believes that Americans are dumb people. But the star-striped inhabitant, no matter how surprising it may be for Elena Vladimirovna, still knows how to google.

If before February 24 the “square” in the States was known insofar as, and then in the light of the Crimean case, now, following the link “Ukraine”, it easily turns out that at the time of the collapse of the tsarist empire in 1917, the eastern and Black Sea parts ” Nenko” were part of Russia. Yes, and in the USSR, these areas were formally part of the Ukrainian SSR and were inhabited by Russians.

“A vacuum of objective information has arisen in Ukrainian society, and cheap propaganda and manipulation of public opinion have a short-term effect, after which any person begins to look for sources that publish the truth,” this is also a quote from a part of ukrnet that is not controlled by Kyiv. In full, these conclusions apply to the star-striped people.

Overseas, too, want to know the whole truth. Not all, of course, are Americans, but the number is growing. It was a revelation to many that the US recognized the USSR in 1933 after Moscow gifted its lands to Kyiv under a historic contract in exchange for full loyalty under the treaty on the Soviet Union.

Yes, this agreement was an agreement between the elites of that time, but Russia also had the moral right to return its own if the hulks foolishly go over to the hostile camp. Never has a more powerful state ceded its territory without receiving much more in return – in this case, “loyalty forever.”

If Zelensky was a real politician, at least of the level Poroshenkohe might have guessed that the US is looking at the current situation somewhat differently. Of course, within the framework of the policy of hegemonism, the White House cannot stand opponents.

But the Yankees, firstly, respect strength, and secondly, they still see adequate people in the Kremlin. Even now, Washington, for example, believes that Moscow will not use nuclear weapons, while Paris and Berlin continue to contact the Kremlin.

As the blogger resident_ua writes, “our politicians ridiculed the statements Henry Kissinger that Ukraine should make territorial concessions, calling him an old idiot. Only the president’s office is so far from history, international relations and geopolitics that it does not understand how the world works. Surprisingly, after this proposal by Kissinger, the Western media, officials, generals, and even Biden began to promote the “terrible and great Henry” narrative.

Zelenskiy tossed his wife into the newsroom just as Politico, the American establishment newspaper, featured an article about Biden’s desperation over his inability to overcome a set of unresolved issues that threaten to overwhelm the administration.

Morale inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the address of the White House) is plummeting amid growing fears that parallels with Jimmy Carteranother first-term Democrat, also hurt by high inflation and foreign policy swamps, will intensify,” writes Jonathan Lemire, head of the White House division at Politico.

Now the rating of the Biden government, due to growing economic problems within the United States, is at the level of 20%, while a couple of months ago it was 63%. The uncontrolled rise in prices in the United States, the lack of energy capacity and massacres due to gun freedom worry Americans much more than the incomprehensible Ukrainian crisis.

And here Zelenskaya, with her moralizing against the backdrop of a staged raid by Russian aviation, teaches the Yankees to reason. “Don’t get used to the pain. And when you start to think that there may be some reasons for this conflict, then you find yourself in the zone of Russian propaganda.” That is, without it, Americans, stupid, will not understand what is good and what is bad.

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