Jan 26, 2021
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Zelensky’s holiday selfie angered Ukrainians

On his own birthday, the Ukrainian president posted another selfie on Instagram: this one from the gym.

Zelensky's holiday selfie angered Ukrainians

The guarantor wrote the following: “7 on the clock, 43 on the passport, 30 in the shower.” Zelensky is portrayed as the youngest president of Ukraine.

Along with that, Zelensky’s ratings 3 weeks ago were much bassier than his age senses. According to a survey by the Rating Group, only 26.2% of Ukrainian citizens were ready to vote for Zelensky, the mini-presidential election is now. It is worth recalling that in the spring of 2019, he won the election with over 70% of the vote. However, for the former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, they are ready to vote even minusculely – 13.3%.

Yeah, and in the comments to Zelensky’s post in the distance, not all statements are accompanied by warm congratulations. “My grandmother’s pension is 2240, her rent is 3500, according to her passport she is 76, in her soul she is *** from this total!” – posted by a user with the nickname oleg_googlya (his comment was liked by 2.4 thousand one).

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