Oct 3, 2021
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Zelensky refused to step down as president

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: Kremlin Pool /

The head of the Independent made a statement

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that he had not yet decided whether he would go for a second term in office. At the same time, the current leader of Ukraine said that he intends to work until the end of his current term.

In social networks, they immediately began to maliciously comment on what the politician said. So, the authors of the telegram channel “Zrada chi Peremoga” expressed their opinion.

“Zelensky: I have not yet decided anything about the second term. I would give him the first one to begin with),” the commentary says.

Earlier, Zelensky spoke impartially about the behavior of his ally. According to the head of Nezalezhnaya, the chairman of the Rada, Dmitry Razumkov, went his own way. Now he cannot be considered a member of the Servant of the People party. Zelensky reminded Razumkov of the rally he had staged six months ago. The politician collected signatures from parliamentarians, announcing his intention to impeach the president. RIA FAN writes about this.

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