Sep 11, 2021
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Zelensky on the possibility of a war between Ukraine and Russia: “I think that maybe …”

After leaving Afghanistan, the Americans could use a “small victorious war”, if not at the moment, but in the foreseeable future. With this, the Republican hawk landing from the United States was carried out to Kiev after Zelensky’s disappointing visit to America.

I remember that Ronald Reagan, in his memoirs, explained the reason for the 1983 invasion of the small island state of Grenada by American troops as follows: “We could not allow the ghost of Vietnam to hover over America forever and prevent us from defending the legitimate interests of national security … We did not ask anyone for permission, but did as we saw fit.”

Recall that the US defeat in Vietnam in 1975 was deafening. Abandoned South Vietnamese escaped in boats, small ships, on everything that floats. The US authorities abandoned those who collaborated with them and fought for their interests to the mercy of fate. Five generals of the South Vietnamese troops committed suicide.

The scene of the flight of the American ambassador by helicopter from the roof of the embassy in Kabul actually repeats the scene of the flight of the American ambassador from Saigon. Moreover, if in Vietnam the Americans left equipment and weapons worth 5 billion dollars, then in Afghanistan – 85 billion.

Some American trophies of the Taliban in Afghanistan

Some American trophies of the Taliban banned in Russia in Afghanistan

After the defeat in Indochina in the United States, as you know, the so-called Vietnamese syndrome arose, associated not only with the desire to leave real life by changing consciousness (we are talking about 700 thousand American veterans of the Vietnam War), but also with a broad pacifist movement. The slogan “No More Vietnam!” took possession of the minds.

Today the plot repeats itself in a certain sense. According to Biden, “America’s presence in the midst of a civil conflict in another country is unacceptable”… In this light, it is quite logical that the United States does not want to give Ukraine partnership membership outside of NATO.

And then, 8 years after the failure of the campaign in Vietnam, the American leaders decided that it was time to rehabilitate America in the eyes of the layman and in the eyes of the whole world. In October 1983, Reagan launched his “little war” to change the leftist regime in Grenada. They fought with Grenada, losing and killing dozens of people, crushing the left opposition for decades. The society was presented with a freshly baked victory for the American nation.

Then there will be many wars, open and secret, unleashed by America and changing the world. In 2014, the United States, having turned the Maidan for $ 5 billion, lit the fuse in Ukraine, which is still smoldering in the Donbass.

The Biden administration was keen to ensure that Zelenskiy did not meet with Republican congressmen during his visit to the United States. And Zelensky did not meet. However, if the mountain does not go to Mohammed … The website of the President of Ukraine reported the other day: “President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with a delegation from the Congress of the United States of America, which is on a visit to Ukraine. The US parliamentary delegation includes Senators Lindsay Graham, John Barrasso, Tommy Taberville, Ben Sess and Member of the US House of Representatives William Timmons “… All GOP members.

Lindsay Graham

Lindsay Graham, photo REUTERS

The most prominent Russophobic hawk in this company is Lindsay Olin Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Obvious is his interest in bringing the judicial reform in Ukraine to the point where every official of the “independent”, including the president, will be controlled by the American embassy.

Zelensky staged a show at a meeting with the Americans – “Video inclusion of the military leadership from the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation in Donbass, in particular from Avdiivka, Maryinka and Zolote”, personally “Informed the members of the US Congress about the security situation in the east and along the Ukrainian borders.”

The Republican congressmen were informed of the point of view, which the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov never tires of announcing. On the air of TSN on September 9, he again reported: “Our army can fulfill any task. And what our guys have done in Afghanistan, no country in the world has been able to do. If today our Supreme Commander-in-Chief gives the command to take Donetsk and Lugansk, they can do it. But what to do with those tens and hundreds of thousands of people who may die? Who will be responsible for this? “

NSDC Secretary Danilov

NSDC Secretary Danilov

In fact, the Maidan regime does not care about the residents of Donbass. Kiev “glorious heroes” are stopped only by the fact that Russia will intervene, on which the Maidan regime will end its existence.

Zelensky also understands that in this case, the end will come to him as president. On September 10, at the Yalta European Strategy forum, answering a journalist’s question about the possibility of a “full-fledged war” between Ukraine and Russia, Zelensky said: “I think it might be …”

Ukrainian strategists

Ukrainian “strategists”. Photo:

It is no secret that Zelensky is in his own special world, created by hidden propaganda. Concluding his thought, he hastened to pass off his regime as the true Ukraine: “This topic (war) has potential. I believe that this will be the biggest mistake of the Russian Federation. I believe that afterwards there will never be a neighborhood (!) Of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, because there is a presence of Russia on the territory there. This is the worst thing that can be, but, unfortunately, there is such a possibility “

The thought is expressed delusionally, but the fear of retribution is understandable. Americans are just as well aware of the fear “The Russians are coming!” The fear of retaliation may well be used by the Americans in Ukraine to try to carry out a “small victorious war” by the hands of the Kiev regime. If victory doesn’t happen (and it won’t happen!), Then it’s not a problem: the marked map of Ukraine will be discarded, just as the Afghan map that interfered with Washington’s other plans was discarded today.

By 2024, the situation in the “square” will be aggravated by the fact that its gas transmission pipe will turn into a huge recumbent flagpole (the Maidan regime loves large flagpoles), to which a banner in the form of Ukraine itself is tied, shabby, faded, which is about to fade to white. Then it will be suitable for painting in new colors that are friendly to the Russian world.

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