Jun 8, 2022
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Zelensky is ready to put teenagers under arms

Zelensky is ready to put teenagers under arms

Photo: AP/TASS

The Ukrainian parliament is ready to consider a bill on conscription into the army from the age of 16, said the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ilya Kiva.

“The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is ready to consider a bill that will make it possible to draft children of sixteen years old into the army! Ukrainians! You understand that Zelensky not only sentenced you adults to death, he also wants to take your children away. Ukraine has finally been turned into Nazi Germany in 1945,” Kiva wrote in his Telegram channel.

At the moment, in Ukraine, people are drafted into the army from the age of 18, but since February 24, since the start of the Russian special operation, martial law has been introduced in the country. And the very next day the President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization – it is forbidden for men liable for military service to leave the country.

According to experts, the waves of mobilization that have already taken place in Ukraine made it possible to call up everyone who has combat experience or even served in the army. The next stage is the call for graduates of military departments, but this resource is also exhausted.

Zelensky previously boasted that 700,000 thousand people were put under arms, and the head of the Ministry of Defense Alexey Reznikov promised to bring this figure to a million. Is it possible that in order to fulfill their monstrous plans, they will go to the draft into the army and, in fact, send teenagers to be slaughtered?

“Kiva is outside the borders of Ukraine, and sources can let him down,” believes political scientist Alexander Averin. “Nevertheless, there is something to discuss here. Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly stated that they are going to increase the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to a million people. All men aged 18-35 to be mobilized have already been drafted into the army or territorial defense. The rest either ran away from the draft outside the “nenka”, or have a reservation, as an important labor resource for the economy.

Thus, Ukraine will have to recruit another 300 thousand people outside the age limit of 18-35. And young Ukrainians of age may well become the reservoir from where Zelensky Zaluzhny will draw human fuel for their armed forces. Guys 16 years old simply have fewer health problems than typical forty-year-olds with hypertension, overweight and smoky lungs, and therefore are more suitable for military service in the field.

“SP”: – Do you have such experience?

– During the civil wars in Africa – primarily in Uganda and the Congo – not even 16-year-olds, but children of 10 years of age are massively used as soldiers. Let us also recall the German Volkssturm, in which 14-year-old Hitler Youth fought.

Well, if the mothers of underage neo-Volkssturmists start protesting, then they will be called at the same time. Here, in general, everything is simple. Any Arestovich will declare: “The time has come to use the advanced Israeli experience. Oksana, only you can stop the orc army. Try on khaki. The closer Ukraine gets to defeat, the more Zelensky will be tempted to do just that.

– The call of 16-year-olds fits into the logic of the actions of the Kyiv authorities, ready to repeat the experience of the Third Reich and recruit their “Hitler Youth”, – agrees political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

“SP”: – Can the Kyiv authorities really do this? In which case?

— Still, it is doubtful that they decided to take such a step officially. They could recruit a certain number of drugged teenagers for the next propaganda campaign. Yes, even younger ones can be involved in the creation of videos, for a picture in the media – so, they say, we have super-patriotic children – this is quite within their power.

“SP”: – Is Zelensky really running out of “cannon fodder”? First, they called up everyone with combat experience, then everyone who served, then they took up the “jackets”. What, and these are all over? He also boasted that 700 thousand were put under arms. Where more?

– He could say about 7 million – it’s not difficult. You can dress all the remaining civilians in camouflage and let them go to the slaughter. Zelensky “excellently” fulfills the program to clean up the territory of the former Ukraine from the population. Yes, in this way it is possible to completely get rid of dependence on Russian gas – soon there will be no consumers left at all. Alive.

Apparently, Zelensky has orders to hold out as long as possible at any cost, to destroy as many people as possible and to cause the maximum possible destruction of settlements, industrial facilities and infrastructure. The West, with the hands of Ukraine, is waging a war to exhaust Russia – there is no question of victory, but they are trying to extract maximum resources from Russia.

“SP”: – What do you think the hypothetical appeal of 16-year-olds will lead to? Teenagers en masse tumble down from the country? Will the market for illegal “farming” and smuggling across the border grow?

– Together. No sane parent would give up their child for the sake of the interests of Zelensky and the West.

“SP”: – And will it cause an explosion of popular indignation? Ukrainians so far endure everything quite calmly. Where are the mass rallies of soldiers’ mothers, the burning of military commissars?

– Now in Ukraine you can get a bullet without trial or investigation, or a term and charges of “treason” according to the most simplified procedure. Complete impunity for state criminals drowns in blood any attempt at resistance. The country was turned into a concentration camp. There, after all, there were also hundreds of prisoners for 1 overseer, but uprisings were extremely rare.

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