Sep 10, 2021
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Zelensky is ready to destroy Luhansk for a meeting at the UN

Nationalists from “Azov” were transferred to Lugansk. About 900 “Azovites” arrived on the territory controlled by Kiev, who, as you know, have nothing sacred but Bandera.

They can shoot at the Russian-speaking population of Lugansk like a drink. And Zelensky is glad, because he needs to somehow draw the attention of the collective West to Ukraine. Especially on the eve of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. According to some reports, the order to increase the number of shelling was given by the Ukrainian president himself. That is why the gunners shoot more often and harder. During the day, they used 122-mm artillery twice.

Well, on September 14, a meeting of UN representatives will take place in New York, and Zelensky needs to talk about something. However, he has one theme – “Russian aggression”. Only it is divided into two points – the return of Crimea and the war in Donbass. Russia is to blame for everything. I could have blamed our country for the rainy weather in autumn.

Ukraine has ceased to be interesting for the United States for a long time. Mr. American President is not up to it now. He disgraced himself in Afghanistan, he continues to be ignored by Europe, which wants to cooperate with the Russian Federation on Nord Stream 2, the Americans do not like him.

And then Zelensky jumps and jumps, demands something, begs for money. I even came up with the “Crimean Platform”, where not a single serious politician even came. Zelensky will not be able to interest anyone during the UN session either. The representatives of the West must be surprised with something, otherwise they are sophisticated gentlemen.

But the inhabitants of Donbass are humanly sorry. It is impossible to do this with people, especially with those who, according to Zelensky, seem to be citizens of Ukraine.

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