Sep 15, 2022
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Zelensky has already begun to swear with Erdogan – he will be left without Bayraktars

Zelensky has already begun to swear with Erdogan - he will be left without "Bayraktars"

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Agitation has begun in Ukraine for the imposition of sanctions against Turkish businessmen and banks due to Ankara’s non-alignment with anti-Russian sanctions. This was reported by the newspaper Aydınlık.

The publication noted that the United States and some European countries accused Turkey of inefficiency, and Washington even sent threatening letters to Turkish business organizations.

“While such a picture is observed, there is also the presence of a hostile attitude of Ukraine in Turkey. In particular, a campaign for the imposition of sanctions against Turkish businessmen and banks was found on a website allegedly associated with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

It is clarified that “on the site, which contains an open call for the imposition of sanctions against companies and individuals,” a list of heads of some Turkish banks with photographs has been published. In this regard, the publication called for an analysis of the site “and to determine the real power behind it.” According to the newspaper, if the site is connected with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, then it should not be silent about it.

According to the publication, the Turkish side has already demanded clarifications from the Ukrainian side.

“It is unacceptable for any country to impose or call for the imposition of sanctions against Turkey. We are monitoring this situation. Our ambassador in Kyiv is studying it,” said a spokesman for the ruling Justice and Development Party of Turkey. Omer Celik.

Both Turkish politicians and ordinary citizens demand a response to Kyiv’s attacks. In their opinion, the Turkish ambassador in Kyiv should sort out the situation, and the appeals should be removed.

“Ukraine cannot interfere in Turkey’s foreign policy. This cannot be allowed, ”says an expert in international relations, Professor Hassan Unal.

Former Representative of Ankara to the European Union Uluch Ozyulker recalled that the only country that can negotiate with both Kyiv and Moscow is Turkey, and besides, thanks to its mediation, Ukraine is now selling its grain.

“In these circumstances, calling for sanctions against Turkish organizations and businessmen is not the smartest thing for Ukraine to do. It would be madness for Ukraine to do such a thing. Ukraine needs Turkey,” he stressed.

Readers of a number of Turkish publications even accused Ukraine of ingratitude and demanded to stop helping it.

“Don’t give any weapons to these US puppets. Our reaction must be the most severe, all citizens of Ukraine must leave Turkey. <…> What kind of friendship is this? This is outright betrayal and ingratitude,” wrote one of the readers of the Yeni Akit newspaper.

Readers of the publication also opposed the supply of Bayraktar drones and other weapons to Kyiv and the construction of military plants in Ukraine.

Orientalist, political scientist Elena Suponina noted that the “strange” appeal of Kyiv caused a flurry of negative emotions in Turkey.

This is a very unreasonable proposal, to say the least. Turkey is trying to play a neutral role in the conflict, maintaining relations with both Russia and Ukraine. For a number of positions, Turkey has repeatedly caused dissatisfaction with Moscow, in particular, with its military-technical cooperation with Ukraine. A vivid example of this is the Turkish Bayraktar drones, which are available in Ukraine.

It is surprising that Kyiv is not afraid to lose this kind of cooperation, because there are already calls in Turkey to limit the scope of assistance in response to such unflattering statements from the Kyiv authorities.

“SP”: – How can Turkey respond to such unfriendly actions?

– Turkey is now sorting out who makes these proposals, how much the voiced reflects the position of Ukraine. In any case, there are calls to punish Ukraine by curtailing some aspects of economic cooperation, but Ankara will not take extreme measures. This country is a member of NATO. In addition, Turkey cherishes its relations with both Ukraine and Russia because it is keen to continue playing the role of a mediator. This role is beneficial for Turkey both economically and politically.

Most likely, Turkey’s reaction will be expressed in a lengthy investigation and expression of indignation through diplomatic and political channels.

Ankara did not like the Kyiv calls for sanctions against Turkish businessmen and banks and the reaction is likely to follow, believes researcher sector of Turkey of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Center for the Study of Modern Turkey Amur Hajiyev.

– Most likely, Kyiv did not act independently. Probably, in the West, in particular, the USA, Germany, France, they are not very happy with the fact that Turkey occupies a key position in solving not only the grain issue, but there are also prospects that it can become the main platform for the Ukrainian settlement. This, most likely, someone in the West did not like, so there was a corresponding reaction to the increase in the role of Turkey in this matter.

“SP”: – What can be the reaction? Is it possible to revise Ankara’s position towards Ukraine?

– Some kind of reaction will follow, but it seems to me that it will be purely formal. This incident will in no way affect Turkey’s further actions within the framework of the Ukrainian settlement.

There is no reason to expect any adjustments in Turkey’s position. Turkey will not give up the prospect of securing the role of the main platform and, in general, participating in the settlement of the food problem, as well as the regional conflict, and participation alone, albeit under the auspices of the UN, will not be.

In addition, it fits into its foreign policy strategy, with which Turkey strengthens its regional positions, and also positions itself as one of the centers of a multipolar world order. There is no need to wait for cardinal changes.

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