Sep 11, 2022
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Zelensky from Washington brought a “black mark”

The appearance of a large group of high-ranking employees of the US State Department in Kyiv, the Ukrainian authorities tried to present to gullible fellow citizens as “another evidence of US support.” President Volodymyr Zelensky even acted out a completely false scene with the awarding of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with the Order of Yaroslav the Wise, 3rd degree. However, behind this was a very unpleasant conversation about the unprecedented scale of “military corruption” in Ukraine.

There are more than enough reasons for suspicions in the systemic fraud of Ukrainian officials. Adopted in early March, the law on increased liability for looting provides for a minimum term of imprisonment of 5 years. But those who show unconditional loyalty to the president can steal, extort and rob as they please. By definition, the security forces don’t care about such an audience …

An officer of the 95th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade, who is now recovering in one of the military hospitals after being wounded near Slavyansk, told MK an interesting story on condition of anonymity. His colleagues received sealed Javelin anti-tank grenade launchers and a number of other deadly “toys” supplied by Ukraine’s Western allies. The seals were Ukrainian. Having opened the boxes, the Zhytomyr paratroopers discovered that each of them lacks batteries, without which American weapons turn into useless pieces of iron.

Prior to this, another group of Zhytomyr residents took a course in the UK, mastering the features of controlling the supplied armored personnel carriers. And just imagine: returning to their homeland, the paratroopers, who had studied NATO technology “down to the screw”, saw night vision devices simply barbarously cut out of sockets on the frontal sheet of the hull. Marauders wielded ordinary wire cutters …

In early July, a high-profile state of emergency happened in another brigade, permanently stationed in the same Zhytomyr region. Immediately more than 40 soldiers were poisoned by ordinary drinking water. 12 of them were placed in a serious condition in the hospital of the city of Popasna, Luhansk region (now the LPR. – Auth.). The audit carried out was able to establish: who entered into a criminal conspiracy, the deputy commander of the battalion for the rear of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after. Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky, together with the head of the fuel and lubricants service of the compound, wrote off the fuel intended in the battalion just for the regular delivery of water. As a result, water was brought not daily, but once a week, during which time the bottled liquid had time to deteriorate. The current deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Geo Leros, 2 days before Blinken’s arrival, posted on another social network a story about even more terrible theft in the troops.

According to him, the Ukrainian soldiers – both in February and now in September – are acutely short of ammunition. Ukrainians are capable of responding to several thousand artillery strikes from the Russian army with 10-15 strikes at best. Despite the fact that weapons from the United States and their allies, as well as ammunition for everything that shoots, are in a continuous stream and all this splendor costs many billions of dollars.

If you entrust Mr. Leros, the Armed Forces of Ukraine buy weapons and ammunition abroad at exorbitant prices. Hence the catastrophic shortage of shells, charges, grenades, shots, rockets and cartridges.

Back in the summer, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry signed a contract with a Romanian company for 64 million euros. The money was intended for the purchase of 20,000 charges for Grad multiple launch rocket systems. The price of one shell is 3,240 euros. But exactly one month before, shells of the same brand were purchased at a price of 2290 euros. That is, out of the blue, the Ukrainians “welded” on each shell for the “Grad” 950 euros. 70 million hryvnias (116 million 414 thousand 353 Russian rubles) went straight into the pockets of dodgers in uniform.

In April of this year, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry purchased armor-piercing incendiary tracer rounds from the Czech Republic from Excalibur at a price of 38 euros apiece. Exactly one month before, the same shots were bought in Poland for 19 euros. That is half the price. It turns out that on each twenty-ton wagon of shells, Ukrainian dodgers “welded” 600 thousand euros.

The current Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, recently complained to Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov about some of the negotiators from Kyiv. Some murky people directly contact the Pentagon representatives, asking the Americans to sell weapons to Ukraine quickly, but … at a higher price. Let me remind you: these very “toys” are purchased with the money of American taxpayers, because Ukrainians cannot afford them. Geo Leros is sure that unfortunate businessmen fly to America to buy weapons according to Zelensky’s direct order.

The habit of receiving “kickbacks” from any deal is now known to American arms manufacturers. The Yankees, in parallel, came to a simple conclusion: it is extremely beneficial for the Ukrainian president to stretch out the fight against Russia as much as possible.

The same, if not on a large scale, Zelensky’s people are doing when buying weapons in Europe. In Slovakia, Ukraine ordered 4 Syuzanna artillery mounts. Soon her defense minister calls colleague Alexei Reznikov: “The government in Bratislava has approved the contract. Only now 5 representatives of the Ministry of Defense arrived from you and everyone is asking to sell the installations … more expensive. You, please, choose one person so that we can work with him…”. For the money offered by the Ukrainian emissaries, it was possible to buy not 4, but 10 Suzannes.

…According to Ukrainian legislation, until 2024, no one has the right to put forward a demand for the immediate resignation of Zelensky and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Even United States President Joseph Biden. On the other hand, the appearance on the eve of the November 8 midterm elections to the US Congress of a whole heap of negative information about high-ranking Kyiv thieves can greatly damage the reputation of American Democrats. It becomes extremely risky for the “donkeys” to watch indifferently with what cynicism Zelensky’s people “juggle” the money of ordinary US taxpayers (after which the “surplus” of this dollar mass settles on the offshore accounts of the 95th quarter).

Therefore, the Americans, in the person of Blinken and the notorious Victoria Nuland who accompanied him, tried to have a “good” talk with Zelensky. What came out of this and how much we “train” the 44-year-old leader of Ukraine in the basics of business ethics in international relations, we will find out very soon.

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