Jun 5, 2022
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Zelensky completes the destruction of the Ukrainian economy

The Kyiv authorities are no longer shy about saying that an economic catastrophe awaits Ukraine this summer. Finance Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko gave the British Economist an interview in which he admitted: if the hostilities continue for more than three or four months (they have been going on for the fourth month), the Kyiv regime will have to radically reduce budget spending (salaries, pensions, social benefits) and raise taxes.

Ukrainian economist Oleksiy Kushch believes that such measures will finish off the already weak Ukrainian economy. “Now the state should not reduce, but, on the contrary, increase spending, including on the social sphere. And cut taxes, creating incentives for business. This is the only way to prevent a fall in GDP and restart the economy, ”Kushch is quoted by Strana.UA as saying.

Meanwhile, the authorities have already begun to implement the “Marchenko program” – to reduce budget expenditures. In May, the Ukrainian business began to remove the previously existing tax benefits, returned cameral and documentary checks. State employees are no longer paid bonuses, up to 40% of salaries.

Educators, scientists, railroad workers, miners and even doctors complain about delays in already cut wages. Little by little, school teachers are being informed that from June 30 of this year they will be sent on unpaid leave – at least until October. Discussed are the lists of “extra” educational institutions that will be closed, as well as teachers who fall under the reduction or transfer of 0.1 rates. Payments to lawyers working at the expense of the budget have been completely stopped.

Despite the fact that Zelensky and his talking head Arestovich talk about “victories” every day, there is little left of the Ukrainian economy. “42% of the Ukrainian economy is not working today. According to the International Labor Organization, Ukraine has lost about 5 million jobs, which is about a third of all jobs in the country.– says the head of the Economic Discussion Club Oleg Pendzin.

One month of hostilities costs Ukraine $10 billion. Of these, half is exclusively military spending. Ukraine has no such money. In April 2022, the Ukrainian budget received UAH 76.2 billion in taxes and fees, which is less than $2 billion. The real deficit of the Ukrainian budget is much higher than the 5 billion a month named by Zelensky.

Budget holes are being plugged with “Western aid” for the time being. However, the Ze-team cruelly deceives the people. There is no Western aid other than small amounts of humanitarian aid. Those billions that the United States, Canada and Europe provide to Ukraine for the purchase of obsolete weapons and military salaries are loans that will have to be repaid with interest. “The West promised us financial support, but instead it gives loans again”– writes the telegram channel “Resident”.

Those material values ​​that Ukraine has today may not be enough to repay loans totaling several tens of billions of dollars. To get out of this situation is supposed to be done with the help of a special scheme. The Kyiv regime, judging by the information circulating in the media and social networks, is considering the option of nationalizing the property of oligarchs and businessmen objectionable to the Ze-team (some of them are already being created the image of “enemy accomplices”).

“It is not difficult to formalize the seizure of assets legislatively – it can be a presidential decree or a separate law,” he is quoted as saying. Country.UA Roman Kravets, head of the Kravets and Partners law firm.

The property and accounts of Ukrainian billionaires after the nationalization procedure will be turned into a collateral fund for military loans. If Ukraine, as a subject of international law, is preserved in some form, then the “war money” borrowed by the Kyiv regime will become a burden on the shoulders of future generations. For example, as part of the so-called lend-lease, the United States plans to provide Ukraine with about $40 billion. Almost completely they will go for purchases in the United States, and they will return there. The purchased weapons will be used by Ukrainian “suicide bombers” to realize American interests. And the children of the dead servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will then return this money to the “American partners”.

However, it is possible that things in Ukraine are even worse than we tell. “The average salary in Ukraine may drop to the level of $150 per month in the near future”– writes the telegram channel Politics of the country with reference to the owner of the investment company Concord Capital Igor Mazepa.

At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities are unable to maintain either exchange rates or the cost of fuel. The dollar exchange rate has reached almost 40 hryvnias in exchange offices and, it seems, will continue to grow. The cost of A-95 gasoline on the black market reaches $2.5 per liter. A kilogram of the cheapest buckwheat or young potatoes costs about the same. Thus, the entire salary of the average Ukrainian will soon be enough only to fill up the car once or buy a couple of bags of potatoes, and pensions, if they are paid at all, will be enough for 600 grams of buckwheat a day.

According to the Institute for Economic Research and Political Consulting of Ukraine, the Ukrainian economy has shrunk by more than half. Soon, it looks like the company of the Kyiv rulers will have the funds to support only themselves and the military-repressive apparatus. All the rest will be left behind.

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