May 16, 2020
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Zelensky: Building a united, prosperous and successful Europe cannot be considered completed without Ukraine

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky addressed Ukrainians on the occasion of Europe Day. He published his appeal on a page on Facebook.

"Today we celebrate a special holiday - Europe Day. I am sure that" Ukraine is Europe "should not be just formal a slogan that we remember once a year. This should be part of our consciousness. I have always said that Europe is first of all a way of thinking. Europe begins with each of us. With every citizen. With observance of laws, payment of taxes, protection of democratic values and civil society, free will, freedom of speech, thought and religion ’equality, respect and respect. From an“ allergy ”to accepting or giving bribes, from a properly parked car and a cigarette butt thrown into the trash,” the president noted.

He urged Ukrainians to do so that Europe Day is in the country every day.

"This year our European friends celebrated 70 - anniversary of the declaration of the Schumann Declaration, with which the European Union actually began its reckoning. The words of Robert Schumann are still relevant today: "Europe will not be built immediately or according to a single plan." Building a united, prosperous and successful Europe continues. It is obvious to me that this process cannot be considered completed without Ukraine. We believe that this day will definitely come and our state will be a full part of the European family, "Zelensky added. 95 / posts / 2534385383478489

Schumann Declaration of 9 May 1950 of the year - the proposal of the French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann to combine the metallurgical, iron ore and coal mining industries of France and West Germany. The implementation of this proposal led to the creation of the European Coal Association and became and, the predecessor of the European Union. Schumann is considered one of the founding fathers of the European Union.

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