Oct 5, 2021
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Zelensky began to prepare for early elections

Photo: Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov

Photo: Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov (Photo: ZumaTASS)

Deputies of the pro-presidential faction “Servant of the People” initiated the procedure for the dismissal of the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov… The final decision to replace him with another candidate was made in Truskavets, where an informal congress of the Ukrainian ruling party was held last weekend, with the participation of security officials, representatives of the President’s Office, the Cabinet of Ministers and Zelensky

Since Razumkov was not invited there, he himself invited the “servants of the people” on Monday evening for a conversation in order to personally hear from them the accumulated claims against him. However, members of the faction refused to meet with the disgraced speaker. About what, according to the Ukrainian newspaper “Segodnya”, he himself told during the meeting of the Conciliation Council of the Parliament on October 4.

However, even if such a conversation took place, Razumkov hardly had a chance to retain his place in the Rada, given that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who had long feared that his former ally was playing his political game, was personally interested in his resignation. And it can seriously compete with him in the future.

True, when commenting on the Dom channel on the procedure for launching the speaker’s recall, the Ukrainian leaders naturally did not spread their concerns about their concerns. He said that Razumkov’s “big mistake” was that he brought issues on the public plane, on which he did not agree with the course of the Servant of the People party.

According to Zelensky, the head of parliament should have supported the law on oligarchs and the sanctions adopted at the NSDC meetings, because this is the program with which the president and the party went to the elections, where 73% of the population supported them.

Meanwhile, the Politics of the Country Telegram channel called the president’s arguments “a complete lie.”

“It is worth recalling here that Zelensky did not say anything before the elections that he would impose sanctions against Ukrainian citizens without trial and investigation and close them through media sanctions. Not to mention the fact that in reality people are voting for Zelensky’s promises to peace and to fight poverty. And this is exactly what the president does not do, ”the authors of the channel oppose the head of state.

Nevertheless, the required number of votes (more than 150), allowing to begin the procedure for removing the head of parliament from office, has allegedly been collected at the moment. And by the end of this week, the question will most likely be put to a vote. Local journalists, in connection with such a rush, even put forward a version that the President’s Office wants to present Razumkov’s resignation as a “gift” for his birthday on October 8.

Be that as it may, a holy place, as you know, is never empty. And the replacement has already been selected. It is assumed that if Razumkov is recalled, his chair may be taken by the current first vice-speaker of parliament from the “servants of the people” Ruslan Stefanchuk… The same enterprising deputy who got into a scandalous story two years ago – he rented an apartment from his own mother-in-law for budget money.

However, Razumkov’s departure should be supported by at least 226 deputies. And so far, as Segodnya writes, the big question is whether the opposition parties will play on the side of the “servants of the people.”

SP asked to comment on the situation Director of the Center for Political Marketing (Kiev) Vasily Stoyakin:

– The reasons for the conflict between the President of Ukraine and the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada are mainly purely ideological. The fact is that Razumkov is of the opinion that lawlessness must be done on a legal basis. That is, figuratively speaking, in order to shoot, you need to pass a law, and only then you can shoot.

And Razumkov behaved accordingly. For example, he abstained when voting at meetings of the NSDC when it came to the imposition of sanctions against one of the leaders of the party “OLLP” Victor Medvedchuk or the closure of opposition TV channels.

But the reason is not that Razumkov is against imposing sanctions against Medvedchuk, and he supports him. No. In this regard, he is completely an ally of the president, he simply believes that before imposing sanctions, such a possibility should be provided for in the law. Because the current Ukrainian legislation does not imply the possibility of imposing sanctions against Ukrainian citizens.

That is, this is the most obvious lawlessness. And Razumkov, apparently, privately pointed this out to the president’s team. But they do not want to do it according to the law, because it complicates and lengthens the procedure, and the current Ukrainian administration is characterized by an atmosphere of “storm and onslaught” – hurry, hurry, run and run …

In other words, these contradictions are tactical, not strategic. But since this has been going on for a long time and annoys everyone, they have already become in fact essential.

Accordingly, Razumkov began to demonstrate that he was not opposed to establishing some kind of political project of his own. And Zelensky, in the end, was already very offended by the sum of the clashes on various private issues.

Plus there is one more important point …

“SP”: – Explain.

– The fact is that the OP has been developing a project for extending Zelensky’s powers by holding early elections for a long time. Because now Zelensky does not have strong opponents, but they may appear in the future, by the time of the next elections.

That is, if, relatively speaking, the presidential elections are held now, then Zelensky is guaranteed to defeat any candidate who can fight him, and thus, it turns out, will extend his powers for two and a half years. So, if Zelensky now announces his resignation and goes to the polls, according to the Ukrainian Constitution, acting Razumkov becomes president.

Zelensky cannot trust Razumkov in this situation. Therefore, in order to crank up such a scheme (until they have begun to implement it), you need to have your own obedient, tame person in the post of speaker of the Verkhovna Rada. A person who could be relied on, who would not try to hook the president while he was engaged in his election campaign.

“SP”: – And what can you say about the political prospects of Razumkov, if he goes into opposition?

– As for the prospects of Razumkov as an individual politician, to be honest, I do not really believe in them. Yes, he is an educated, intellectual person, apparently, personally decent, as much as one can be personally decent, arriving in Ukrainian politics.

But you still need to keep in mind that Razumkov, like Zelensky, is not a professional politician. He only recently plunged into this substance and, as it were, has not yet got dirty externally, but has not penetrated internally, let’s say.

That is, in this respect, he really looks pretty good and his position seems to be correct – “let’s do everything according to the law”. But he is not going to change the political path either. He has exactly the same political position on all issues as Zelensky. This also applies to the direction of reforms, and Euro-Atlantic integration, and the continuation of the “war with Russia” to the last Ukrainian. This is all they have in common. They differ only in tactics – the implementation of these program settings.

But the main problem of Razumkov, in fact, is not this, but the fact that he is not a political leader by the peculiarities of his character. It seems to be clearly noticeable on it. Right now, as the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, he is in his place. He would be in his place, like some kind of specialized humanitarian deputy prime minister. Somewhere else. And yet he is not a leader, a leader of the masses, who can lead someone somewhere.

“SP”: – Why are they in a hurry to “demolish” Razumkov on the day of his birth? What does this mean?

– About nothing. I don’t think there was any special task to make fun of him. A number of factors simply coincided, but not particularly related to Razumkov.

The same, for example, a meeting in Truskavets, it was planned in advance. Again, it was known in advance that Razumkov was no longer trusted, and most likely they would not be taken to Truskavets. And it is not very clear, again, at what stage of development is the project with a possible early re-election of Zelensky.

By the end of the week the voting should take place, we’ll see. But the “servants of the people”, in theory, do not have enough votes, which means they will have to negotiate with someone. Most likely, these will be deputies from the “Trust” and “For the Future” groups. But so far they have not made any official statements on this matter.

Therefore, it is difficult to say when they will be able to dismiss Razumkov. But, of course, if there is such a solution, if there is a majority, then the solution will be implemented.

“SP”: – Why exactly Stefanchuk is tipped for the post of chairman of the Rada?

– Stefanchuk is much closer to Zelensky than Razumkov, who, so to speak, is a newcomer and was a hired worker at Zelensky’s campaign headquarters. Stefanchuk is a member of the team. He probably cannot be called a friend, but he was extremely close from the very beginning to this group – Zelensky, the Shefir brothers, and everyone else. He dealt with very real legal issues there.

That is, he is absolutely his own person who can be trusted. As a matter of fact, that is why he is now the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

“SP”: – So Zelensky is strengthening his monopoly on absolute power?

– Yes, he took control of everything. But now he will have a small disaster.

If we look at the situation philosophically, then, in my experience of many years of observation of Ukrainian politics, this very Ukrainian policy has a built-in mechanism for the elimination of overly influential politicians. But the next president receives almost unlimited powers and is already ready to become a life-long dictator – immediately there comes an exterminatus.

For Zelensky, it came at two points. Firstly, this is the so-called offshore “d

axis Pandora“.

Moreover, one must understand that in this “dossier” there is nothing of the kind. That is, one cannot say that somewhere someone violated some laws. This is quite a common practice that absolutely all businessmen resort to, especially businessmen doing business in several countries. And “95th Quarter”, it is exactly like that.

But the fact is that Poroshenko big problems with the image began precisely with the famous Panamanian offshore scandal. And then it turns out that Zelensky, who was elected in opposition to Poroshenko, and who presented himself as a fighter against oligarchs, he acted using the same mechanisms. For Zelenskiy, this is even more painful, in fact, than for Poroshenko. Although, I repeat: most likely, there is no obvious criminality there, if only some minor financial violations.

After all, Zelensky is a dollar millionaire. And all sane people knew that it was and could not be otherwise. This was known in advance and understood in advance.

But the publication, even in this context, of course, very painfully hits his image of the people’s defender.

The second point is related to the “wagnergate”. Because until recently, Poroshenko raised the issue of the need to declare impeachment to the president due to the fact that someone from his entourage (most likely, the head of the office Ermak), conveyed information about the “wagnerite” to the Russians. But it turns out that the president himself did it, to which he himself admitted. And this is a ready-made corpus delicti on charges of high treason.

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