Sep 9, 2021
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Zelensky began to avenge the defeat of the United States in Syria

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: AP / TASS)

The other day the Ukrainian president Zelensky by his decree, he put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on the application of personal sanctions against two more Russian citizens. A career officer, lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was blacklisted Ivan Kuznetsov and a resident of Crimea Olga Kalinina

The document states that Kuznetsov “participated in hostilities on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.” And in relation to him, such measures as “blocking of assets”, “restriction of trade operations”, “complete cessation of the transit of resources, flights and transportation in Ukraine” are introduced. In addition, the Russian officer had his special permits for the use of subsoil canceled, and he was deprived of some state awards of Ukraine.

The Crimean woman Kalinina was also restricted by the authorities of the “Square”, the right to use and dispose of property, and also banned the withdrawal of capital outside the country.

Naturally, many questions immediately arise for Zelensky.

After all, it is still possible to understand (albeit with a stretch) when famous Russian persons, such as the head of Gazprom, become objects of Ukrainian restrictions. Alexey Miller (in Kiev they cannot forgive him “Nord Stream – 2”), or Arkady Rotenberg, which created what many Ukrainians still cannot believe – the magnificent Crimean Bridge. But it is difficult to understand why the “independent” lieutenant colonel, who fought against terrorists in Syria, and this Crimean woman, so annoyed the authorities.

The Ukrainian media, however, have clarified something. However, this does not add to the adequacy of the decisions of the Ukrainian leadership.

It turns out that Zelensky only corrected errors and inaccuracies in the NSDC decision of June 18 this year. about personal sanctions regarding the personal data of people to whom these measures apply.

For Kuznetsov, for example, information about his Russian citizenship was added. In addition, according to some Ukrainian media resources, he allegedly fought not only in Syria, but also in the Donbass, where, presumably, he was an adviser to the commander of one of the motorized rifle battalions of the LPR army.

As for Kalinina, who was born and lives in the Pervomaisky district of Crimea, the “compromising material” on her to the Ukrainian Security Council – which is very significant – was provided by the Nazi site “Peacemaker”. She was included in the lists of Ukraine’s “enemies” only because she was a member of the district election commission, which was involved in organizing and holding elections on the peninsula in 2018.

Moreover, initially the NSDC “missed” and imposed sanctions against its full namesake – an employee of the Kiev University. Taras Shevchenko… The latter, because of such a coincidence, blocked accounts twice, after which the head of the Security Council Danilov I even had to apologize for this oversight.

“SP” asked to evaluate the next expansion of the sanctions list of Ukraine political scientist Andrei Vajru:

– To paraphrase the famous phrase of Müller from “Seventeen Moments of Spring”, we can say that the logic of an idiot is extremely difficult to understand.

They are afraid to impose sanctions against senior officials of the Russian Federation, against the heads of state-owned companies on which Ukraine depends. There may be consequences – roughly speaking, a “return” can arrive, in one form or another.

Therefore, they do it very carefully and selectively, fearing that they will break some schemes on which they sit and live. Unfortunately, we rarely talk about the fact that many Ukrainian ruling elites have their own businesses in Russia. But everyone understands perfectly well that this does not prevent them from “fighting” with Russia, while at the same time earning money in Russia.

And ordinary Russian citizens, this is an absolutely safe goal. Only the motives in this case are completely incomprehensible. That is, it is extremely difficult to understand why the Russian officer who fought in Syria was guilty in front of Ukraine. Perhaps because he exterminated terrorists there? But then a counter question arises: why are any Syrian terrorists so fond of the Ukrainian state?

“SP”: – Allegedly, this person still participated in the hostilities against the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, although the decree only mentions Syria …

– You see, in this case, we can only assume his participation (or not) in the conflict in Donbass. And participation in Syria is a well-known fact.

Therefore, we, for our part, look at him as a participant in the Syrian events. In Kiev, they look at it as a participant in the events in Donbass.

With this, everything is clear. But here, again, what is the logic: if you think that this particular officer was in Donbass and wore Russian shoulder straps, then it probably makes sense to take some action against the Russian state. After all, this person is not on his own initiative is in the points of military conflicts.

But it’s scary. This has consequences.

Therefore, of course, the easiest way is to take some individual people and defiantly impose sanctions against them. Although everyone understands perfectly: both the Russian officer and the young lady who performed technical functions in the Crimea during the elections, these sanctions are like a stop signal to a hare.

“SP”: – Indeed, what assets and deposits can a Russian officer have in Ukraine? What kind of trading operations can he do there?

– Practically everything that the current Ukrainian government does has little to do with reality, and little to do with any practical tasks. The Ukrainian government, the Ukrainian elite, Ukrainian politicians are all clearly tied to the information sphere. For them, politics is essentially equal to PR. And they no longer distinguish the first from the second, they believe that one replaces the other – replaces itself.

Because real politics is a very serious thing. It deals with solving the most difficult practical issues. And PR is just mouthwork. This is the creation of certain information phantoms against which politicians, state structures and the Ukrainian state as a whole shine happily.

Look at Zelenskiy. He sits at the very top. But what does he do …

Since his election to this post, he has not been engaged in anything other than PR. He did not solve a single practical problem. Moreover, during his presidency, these problems have increased to a much greater extent.

But all his ideas about politics are divided into two main directions – this is PR inside the country and PR outside. Nothing more. And all the actions of his office and the NSDC are also pure PR.

“SP”: – But someone writes scripts for this theater of the absurd, someone directs the show?

– Everything that is really happening in Ukraine is done either by the Americans, or by the British, or by other foreign comrades who officially seem to be helping Ukraine, but in reality they are simply solving their problems on its territory.

Therefore, it would be ridiculous to take seriously what Ukrainian politicians and officials say.

Remember what, for example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine recently said Kuleba about the “Crimean platform”, where they drove a huge number of foreign representatives. Allegedly, this is such a powerful international event, because of which the Kremlin will be very scared and will sit down at the negotiating table with Zelensky to discuss the terms of the Crimea’s surrender to Ukraine.

Everyone understands that from a practical point of view, from the point of view of real politics, everything he said was, to put it mildly, nonsense. But, as a sketch in front of the electorate, as a PR in front of citizens, this is an effective move: “Look how great we are.”

The fact that everything goes to zero does not bother anyone. Because those who listen to it, and those who like it, they will forget about this statement in two hours. They will not compare, say, in six months the reality that will be with what he promised.

Therefore, I repeat: all statements, all their actions, this all largely goes into the sphere of informational influence.

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