Feb 18, 2021
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Zelensky: Bandera is still a “hero”

Zelensky: Bandera is still a "hero"

Photo: Sergey Reznik / TASS

Lviv Regional Council appealed to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and the Verkhovna Rada with a call to return the title “Hero of Ukraine” Stepan Bandera… Back in December 2020, the Ternopil Regional Council addressed the head of state with the same appeal.

“We, the deputies of the Lviv Regional Council, call on the President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to amend the Law of Ukraine“ On State Awards of Ukraine ”<…> regarding the possibility of assigning the status of “Hero of Ukraine” to persons who do not have or did not have Ukrainian citizenship. We call on the President of Ukraine to grant Stepan Bandera the title of Hero of Ukraine, ”reads the text of the appeal on the regional council’s website. The regional council also added that, in their opinion, Bandera’s activities “symbolize an entire era of Ukraine’s struggle for its independent conciliar state.”

Recall that for the first time the title of “Hero of Ukraine” was posthumously awarded to Bandera by the outgoing 3rd President of the Independent Viktor Yushchenko in January 2010. Previously, he was repeatedly asked to take this step by local nationalist organizations, as well as by some regional and city councils in Western Ukraine. Yushchenko then said that “millions of Ukrainians have been waiting for this award for many years.” According to him, Bandera was awarded the high title for “defending the national idea and fighting for an independent Ukrainian state”.

However, after winning the election Viktor Yanukovych this decision was challenged in court, since Bandera has never been a citizen of Ukraine. The final point was put by the Supreme Administrative Court in August 2011, which rejected the cassation complaints against the decision of the Donetsk Administrative Court of Appeal adopted in April 2010 on the illegality of conferring the title of “Hero of Ukraine” to Stepan Bandera and his accomplice Roman Shukhevych.

But here we go again. It is embarrassing that this happens 10 years later, despite the fact that Bandera’s heirs have been in power in Kiev for the eighth year. What have you been waiting for so much?

– They were probably busy with more interesting things – they divided portfolios after the coup, wrote new names for streets and cities throughout Ukraine, – ironically political scientist Alexander Dudchak… – Now, they remembered that their idol was stripped of the title 10 years ago, which he received under the orange.

“SP”: – Will Zelensky go to satisfy this appeal? What can this lead to?

– Why not. There are no obstacles. In the heat of an intolerable desire to please the Zaokenskiy real leadership of Ukraine in his policy of Russophobia, and in currying favor with local Nazis, Zelensky is capable of much. And it won’t lead to anything. Downgrading the rating of Ze personally and his “Servants of the People”? Judging by the actions of this whole team, they don’t care. They have more important problems – how not to fly out of their seats ahead of time, and for this they can do a lot of misfortunes.

“SP”: – But Bandera was deprived of the title of “hero” by law – he was not a citizen of Ukraine. How are they going to bypass this obstacle on a new one?

– The US remains the trendsetter in Western-style democracy. After the unprecedented level of cynicism of the last presidential campaign in the United States, with undisguised fraud, falsifications, mockery of common sense and their own laws, there are no restrictions on actions for those regimes that were drawn up by the American administration. The colonial Kiev regime now has no reason to look back at the legitimacy of its actions, if they do not conflict with the interests of the United States, and even more so if they are in line with Washington’s foreign policy.

“SP”: – At one time Yushchenko conferred titles on these figures. What has changed since then? Will the public reaction change?

– Unfortunately, the process of the debanderization of Ukraine stopped on August 2, 2011 at the absolutely fair decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine to uphold the decision of the lower courts on the illegality of presidential decrees conferring the title “Hero of Ukraine” to Bandera. This Bandera reptile developed successfully in the country up to the “Maidan”, and penetrated into power even before the coup d’etat of 2014, in the 2012 parliamentary elections. Propaganda is doing its job, and the number, if not ardent admirers, then loyal to this vile ideology, is growing. Fortunately, the neobanderites still fail to completely reforge the population of Ukraine to their own standards.

SP: – Will such a decision alienate Donbass even more? Do the initiators understand this? Or do they deliberately want to make the return of “cotton” regions impossible?

– They do not hide that they are doing everything possible so that Donbass does not return. However, by doing so, they accelerate the departure of other regions of Ukraine. But the task of the current Kiev authorities is to force Donbass to be the first to declare its withdrawal from the Minsk agreements, in order to hang the blame on the LPNR for their failure to fulfill them …

– Here, from my point of view, everything is simple – says journalist “” Roman Hnatyuk… – “They” are now on horseback and are trying in every possible way to “mark” their territory (right from this horse, yes). In the end, even the old decisions to rename streets in Kiev in honor of their heroes are gradually being canceled. So it will be with this decision, if adopted. “The dog barks, the wind carries.” And even if their barking now sounds loud and the whole country is forced to listen to it, this does not mean that it will always be so.

There is another side to such decisions and high-profile statements. It is very convenient to cover up any decisions that would cause a storm of indignation with the noise around renaming, glorification, another round of repressions and a new aggravation in Donbass … For example, huge tariff increases, transfer of strategic resources to third parties and countries and, worst of all, Ukrainian land. Well, or some new onerous loan from the IMF. As a result, we have two aspects. A primitive display of dominance and power, and a “cover operation” for key decisions in the fate of the country and its citizens. Convenient, isn’t it?

– Yushchenko’s attempt to heroize Bandera failed in 2011. However, “Euromaidan” completely returned Bandera to the pantheon of heroes, – reminds Head of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler

– Already in even the cities of the southeast of Ukraine, squares and streets appeared in his name, detachments of children in the camps were called after him.

Poroshenko, well understanding the problem of the procedural cancellation of the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, which finally canceled the conferment of the title of Hero of Ukraine to Bandera, did not push for the return of this title in court. Now, after the actual

the destruction of the judiciary by Zelensky, after the real destruction of the Constitutional Court, this scenario began to look real.

“SP”: – Why Poroshenko did not dare to do this? Yushchenko and he made up his mind, although then the situation was much less inclined to this, and there were much more opponents of Bandera in the country?

– One of the reasons why Poroshenko did not implement this was the categorical rejection of the glorification of Bandera on the part of Poland and Israel. It is on their position today that, in my opinion, Zelensky’s decision depends. The opinion of Ukrainian citizens living in the southeast does not bother him at all.

“SP”: – Will Zelensky go for it? Will this change something? Do the residents of Ukraine already care? Or will it intensify the split in Ukraine?

– Naturally, – the glorification of a fascist collaborator looks like a spit to everyone who honors the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

But “Euromaidan” irrevocably destroyed the possibility of unification of Ukraine, and now there is a process of complete and total purge of all dissidents, regardless of their region of residence.

“SP”: – How will the West perceive it? Bandera is not officially recognized as a criminal at the world level, but Poland remembers the same …

– Of course, both for Israel and for Poland Bandera remains one of the most terrible criminals, whose hands are stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands of peaceful Poles and Jews. In 2010, even the European Parliament, in its resolution, expressed regret about Yushchenko’s decision.

However, in my opinion, the West may well close its eyes to this “little prank” of Ukrainian nationalists, since it itself has long sought to neutralize the memory of the feat of a Soviet soldier who liberated Europe from fascism.

So Poland and Israel reacted extremely sluggishly to the torchlight processions in Kiev under the flags and portraits of Bandera. European politicians may well pretend that this is a purely internal affair of Ukraine, and does not affect the interests of other countries …

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