May 5, 2022
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Zelensky asked to take Ukraine for maintenance

Donor conference in Warsaw raises $6.5 billion

The donor conference in Warsaw, organized by Poland and Sweden together with the presidents of the European Commission and the European Council, raised $6.5 billion in aid for Ukraine.

“We all together collected $6.5 billion. This is our obligation on the today”, – said the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki. According to him, the total amount may be higher, since not all donors’ statements were heard during the event.

The Polish government says Ukraine’s needs are enormous as war damage mounts and millions of Ukrainians need line aid. The conference declares that aid is being collected “for satisfaction urgent humanitarian needs Ukrainian society”.

President of Ukraine V. Zelensky also spoke at the donor conference via video link. He presented donors with some “fat-morgans” – plans for the restoration of Ukraine after the end of hostilities.

“This is money, technology, specialists I opportunities growth, necessary for return to peaceful life, modernization I social development. This is will investments in stability all Central I Eastern Europe. Recovery Ukraine must become so same historical example from our time, as I recovery European countries after Second world”Zelensky said. It is noteworthy that the plans began with the words “this is money.”

In the meantime, the end of hostilities is not visible on the horizon, the Ukrainian president asked to simply take over the full maintenance of the state. Ukraine, they say, needs financial assistance to cover all social, humanitarian and military issues. As for the military, the United States and NATO are already closed, but Zelensky needs finance. Also, the West sends humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but it dissolves suspiciously quickly (you need more and more). As for social and other important issues for the population, Zelensky previously said that $7 billion a month is needed to solve them. Donors have almost collected money for May. But it is not a fact that all of them will go to Ukraine. Yes, action Stand Up Behind Ukraine» (“Stand Up for Ukraine”), also held in Poland on April 9, raised €9.1 billion in aid to Ukrainian refugees (both those who went abroad and internally displaced). However, these funds are intended not only for Ukraine, but also for the countries hosting Ukrainians. Poland is not at a loss – it gets the bulk of charity.

Of course, no one takes into account the civilian population of the DPR and LPR, cities and villages under the control of the allied forces, suffering from the shelling of Ukraine.

And, of course, a huge part of the aid is simply stolen.

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