Oct 17, 2021
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Zelensky appeals to Ukrainians over gas prices

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that there will be enough gas “at normal prices” for consumers, according to ICTV channel.

The head of Ukraine said that “today there is enough gas for consumers at very normal prices” compared to European prices. According to him, the price on the market, if the authorities did not intervene, would be at least 50 hryvnia for people.

Zelensky also called the heating season the responsibility of any government.

Earlier it was reported that Russia is surprised by the desire of Ukraine to buy Russian gas not directly, but through the reverse, which is much more expensive. Kiev in this case pays for gas 20-30% more expensive. In 2019, the Russian Federation and Ukraine agreed to extend the gas transit contract until 2024 with the possibility of extending the agreement for another decade.

Prior to that, the former Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine Yevgeny Chervonenko expressed the opinion that the country would face a tragedy if the transit of Russian gas through its GTS stops.

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