Sep 10, 2022
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Zelensky and Roger

“The fight against the invaders” or the destruction of their own people?

The American Marines in the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq designated the killed enemy with the word “Roger”. Roger, translated from American military slang, means a skull or, more precisely, a dead person. This is how this word sounded from the lips of the operators of American combat surveillance systems. It was spoken calmly and smugly.

Now this word is being used again in Ukraine, but not at all and not exclusively in relation to the dead opponents of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The US satellite and loitering surveillance systems over the battlefields in Ukraine make it possible to observe in detail the course of the clashes and take into account the losses of both sides. This also applies to the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Balakleya. It is a pity that American electronic intelligence data is not made public. Because the designation “Roger” would be constantly mentioned in relation to the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Nobody changed the laws of war, and the attacking side always suffers more losses than the defending side. The losses of the Ukrainian army in this offensive are approaching the definition of “unacceptable”. It burns armored vehicles and vehicles, strikes a disproportionate number of personnel. U.S. operators at satellite tracking stations have to increasingly repeat the word “roger” in reference to Ukrainian soldiers, but this does not bother the Pentagon generals. They need a large-scale and successful offensive so that the whole world can see the success of the West in the war with Russia.

The Pentagon’s winning reports on events in Ukraine should serve to win the Democrats in the midterm congressional elections in November. American generals are not embarrassed that Zelensky, at their request, throws cannon fodder into the furnace of war, not ready to fight in modern conditions. The price of this meat is low. The US is flooding the Kyiv regime with dollars, and Kyiv is happy with that. They have already prepared living conditions for themselves outside of Ukraine, and dollars are needed.

In the meantime, the word “Roger” at satellite observation stations refers to Ukrainian units. Zelensky will try to pass off this catastrophe as a victory, just as Poroshenko passed off the Debaltsevo cauldron of 2014 as a victory. Then even medals were awarded to those who managed to survive in the cauldron. But it is unlikely that Zelensky will be able to deceive everyone. And it will also be difficult to keep your citizens stunned by the arrestees in an enthusiastic state of mind. This will be hampered by the incredible number of dead and wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and information in the networks from residents of the areas again liberated by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The question of what the Zelensky regime is doing: “fighting the invaders” or destroying its own people on orders from across the ocean, will grow against the backdrop of such losses to its full height.

For Zelensky, the data on mass casualties among the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not shocking. He foresaw it. Another thing is that after the failure of this offensive, official Washington will change its tone. This is what the addict clown is afraid of. For him, the worst thing is to be left with nothing, one on one with his people. For whom then will the word “Roger” sound?

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