May 3, 2022
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Zelensky and his team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were warned: “The boys will tear you like Tuzik a heating pad”

In the photo (second from left): President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Pictured (second from left): Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: Ukraine President’s Office/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press)

In Ukrnet, the post of the Zhovto-Blakit Command of the Viyskovo-Potryanyh Forces (Air Force) is actively discussed, where for the first time it is officially recognized that there is and never was any “ghost of Kyiv”. All this is a lie, albeit a pleasant one.

Immediately, the patriots of Ukraine attacked the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force, they say, even children read a fairy tale about a fairy-tale hero who, on a Russian plane, shot down Russian “orcs” in batches over the “square” capital. How can I explain to them now that the grown-ups were delusional about winning over the orcs. Then future Bandera will not believe in other fables either.

By the way, in the first couple of weeks of the special operation, the legend of the “ghost of Kyiv” was widely discussed by the American media, of course, from the words of yellow-Blakyt fake throwers. Overseas journalists wrote a lot about dozens of shot down aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces by an unknown pilot, painted beautiful images and told simply fantastic stories of rescue in the most incredible situations.

The “ghost of Kyiv” was especially popular among the sectarians “witnesses of Chernobaevka” (that part of Ukrainian society that believes Arestovichadviser Zelensky on propaganda). In particular, the mysterious “ace” of the Viyskovo-Povtryanyh forces was credited with the destruction of the Il-76 with Russian landing troops on February 25, 2022. When the fake was not confirmed, they did not even mention the scum of the yellow-Blakyt propagandists.

At first, this “ghost of Kyiv”, judging by publications, for example, in the overseas Internet resource The War Zone, was Colonel Alexander Oksanchenko. The Ukrainian press has repeatedly cited the fact that he was considered the best pilot in Western military aviation after he repeatedly won air shows – SIAF, The Royal International Air Tattoo, International Airshow-2017, Czech International Air Fest. Even NATO recognized that he has no equal in aerobatics. Naturally – in the North Atlantic Alliance.

After the Ukrainian Su-27 fighter of Colonel Alexander Oksanchenko was shot down in early March, the title of “ghost of Kyiv” passed to Major Stepan Tarabalka, as the London newspaper The Times reported belatedly on April 29.

What is interesting: many British and American media reflexively disseminated this news that the “ghost of Kyiv” personally “destroyed 40 Russian aircraft.” Russophobic journalists did not even ask if the pilot was even alive.

“He has become a nightmare for Russian aircraft,” writes The Times with pathos, citing an official tweet from the Ukrainian government. But something went wrong. The command of the Viyskovo-Potryanyh forces was forced to refute this fake: “Hero of Ukraine Stepan Tarabka is not a“ ghost of Kyiv ”and he did not shoot down 40 planes. On March 13, 2022, Major Stepan Taralka died heroically in an air battle.

“Propaganda is propaganda, but it was simply impossible for real Ukrainian officers to hear this utter nonsense. Well, for everyone who wants to remain in the dark about the real state of affairs in the country and at the front – to the full-time storyteller Arestovich, ”the yellow-Blakyt bloggers reacted, and very angrily. The terry lie of Zelensky’s adviser on information policy, apparently, has already got many in Ukraine.

In fact, the refutation from the Command of the Viyskovo-Potryanyh forces is a real “rebellion on the ship” and, probably, the first attempt to open the eyes of the Ukrainian society to the real state of affairs on the fronts. In the end, the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force could simply remain silent. “Once again, we ask the Ukrainian society NOT to neglect the elementary rules of information hygiene, not to wishful thinking,” calls the citizens of the Command of the Viyskovo-Potryanyh Forces.

It is clear that the Kyiv regime categorically does not like this, which openly disrupts negotiations with Moscow and is set on a conflict to the last drop of Ukrainian blood.

Sources from a number of Zhovto-Blakit media reported that those officers and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who criticize the authorities for “draining the army down the toilet” are blacklisted by the SBU, the so-called ChSS. After that, they begin to mercilessly press them, promising that if they hear negative things about “Ze” and Co. again, they will make the truth-tellers “agents of the Kremlin”, plant weapons and “tasks from the FSB and the GRU of the Russian Federation.” Then they are not far from the “wall”. Even if you manage to get out of the dungeons, the Nazis will end. Of course, all relatives, including children, will get it in full.

But threats don’t seem to help. The video, in which one of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine angrily addresses Zelensky and his entourage, has gone viral. The fighter accuses the Kyiv authorities of stealing humanitarian aid, while he and his comrades fight in their own cars of the 1990s.

“Our soldiers are asking for help, they don’t have bulletproof vests and they are forced to use their cars at the front, while humanitarian aid is being stolen and the supplied weapons are being resold… You are sitting there on Bankova Street and you don’t know the mood of the people. Yes, the boys will tear you like Tuzik a heating pad, ”he threatens the leadership of Banderstat with his fist.

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