Sep 10, 2021
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Zelensky admitted the likelihood of a full-scale war with Russia

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At the same time, the Ukrainian president did not rule out that relations between the countries could normalize.

Today, September 10, the YES Brainstorming forum is being held in Kiev, during which Vladimir Zelensky also spoke. One of the moderators of the event asked if there is a possibility that a full-scale war with Russia will still take place. The Ukrainian president’s response was in the affirmative.

The head of Nezalezhnaya stressed that now a large gap has formed between Moscow and Kiev. And the blame for this, Zelensky believes, lies with the “aggressive” Kremlin. At the same time, the Ukrainian president threatened that if a full-scale war did start, it would be Russia’s gross mistake.

“After that, the neighborhood of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will never exist. This is the worst thing that can be, but, unfortunately, there is such a possibility,”

– concluded Zelensky.

And although the leader of Ukraine admits the likelihood that the conflict between the two countries may develop into a direct military clash, he also does not rule out that relations between Moscow and Kiev will normalize over time.

Zelenskiy also spoke about Vladimir Putin, stressing that he does not have enough time to think about the Russian president.

“Let his country and he not be offended”,

– asked the head of Ukraine, stressing that he would like to know when the “more substantive” meeting with Putin will finally take place.

Earlier, the Ukrainian expert explained why Zelensky needs a meeting with Putin.

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