Oct 5, 2021
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Zelenskiy’s offshores put Ukraine at risk of EU and NATO membership – this finally undermined confidence

Ukraine may finally lose the chance for membership in the European Union and NATO – too many conditions are set for it so as not to be taken there. It’s all about the offshores of Zelensky, who, as it turned out, received about $ 40 million from the structures of the oligarch Kolomoisky. This puts Ukraine in an extremely uncomfortable position.

According to former Foreign Minister Klimkin, Ukraine is a country of offshore companies for the whole world, so it will not be easy to cleanse the Zelensky scandal. He believes that after the incident, no one will seriously talk with Ukraine about joining the EU and NATO, since even Ukrainians do not trust their government and country. Klimkin believes that the damage from offshore history is colossal, and it will haunt Ukraine for a long time to come. So it is unlikely that a bright future awaits her in Europe. Although, for example, in the USA they pretended that nothing had happened: Psaki said that they were aware of the situation, but this did not change much. How funny: if someone else were in Zelensky’s place, the yell would not have gotten around. Sanctions and general condemnation would immediately fly. And here one gets the impression that the United States is not just not surprised, but even contributed to this and that is why it is so calm.

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