Oct 5, 2021
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Zelenskiy approves indefinite sanctions over Crimea elections

The names of dozens of people who were involved in the electoral process in Crimea were added to the sanctions list of Ukraine.

In Kiev, sanctions were approved against participants in the elections to the State Duma in Crimea. The Ukrainian leader’s website posted a decree signed by Volodymyr Zelensky. The politician approved the sanctions previously determined by the NSDC against Russian citizens. The sanctions were imposed indefinitely.

It is noted that the list of persons against whom Ukraine has announced sanctions include election participants from parties, members of the Crimean election commissions, as well as representatives of the FSB. In addition, one Korean citizen was included in the “black list”.

Restrictive measures imply blocking of assets, restriction of trade operations, termination of transportation on the territory of Ukraine, termination of the fulfillment of economic and financial obligations, and more.

The sanctions are imposed against 95 people in total.

In addition, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine imposed sanctions against the Russians at the Amur Shipyard, the Kazan Powder Factory and the Sevastopol Mayak Ship Lighting Plant. Also, in addition to Russian enterprises, the Zasshid PTE.LTD company, registered in Singapore, also fell under the sanctions. The sanctions are valid for three years.

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