May 13, 2022
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Zashkvar in full: Why did the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose more than 50 Bayraktars in a few days

In the photo: the wreckage of the downed drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Bayraktar"

In the photo: the wreckage of the downed drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Bayraktar” (Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS)

Briefings of the Russian Ministry of Defense regularly report on the destruction of Bayraktar TB2 strike drones by Russian air defense systems. Especially a lot of Turkish “birds” have been intercepted in recent days in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bSnake Island. It would seem, what is the point of sending far from cheap UAVs to where they are guaranteed to be shot down. Nevertheless, the defenders of the Independent stubbornly step on the same rake.

However, not everything is so clear. It is no longer a secret to anyone that the British were preparing a “psychic attack” on May 7 on Serpentine. Moreover, “against this suicidal operation” was even the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and the Ukrainian General Staff.

Similar data, with leaks from the president’s office Zelensky“Walk” and in yellow-black social networks. But a number of Ukrainian experts have certain questions, no longer about the background of the “order for an incredibly stupid attack on Snake Island.” This zashkvar of the Ze-team, like other shameful actions, has already been won back against the background of other news.

In short, a strong impression is created that one of the Ukrainian leaders deliberately sends Turkish “birds” to certain death. Apparently, the “Serpentine” plan, with a high degree of probability, is still supervised by the British, which means that it is the Britons who are playing their unscrupulous game against the “Bayraktars”. Let’s clarify, this is the point of view of the yellow-Blakit truth-bearers.

The fact is that, according to Ukrainian insider scenarios, the Bayraktarov military fleet has been depleted almost to zero due to the interception by Russian air defense forces, which, by the way, Pentagon analysts agree with. In particular, overseas expert Thomas Newdyk writes that he has confirmed evidence of the destruction of very many Turkish advanced drones during the conflict in Ukraine.

According to him, they are simply knocked down in batches and literally every day the remains are shown on television or in YouTube videos. Similar information is confirmed by other noteworthy sources. In this regard, we can cite the study of a certain user with the nickname @ameliaairheart, whom Forbes positions as an open source analytics.

This expert drew attention to one curious video stream from Bayraktar, in which the digital identification information was intact. Usually they delete it, but for some reason they left it here. Perhaps we are talking about an oversight on the Ukrainian side. But it is possible that the information was “leaked” intentionally. This story is interesting in that the specified drone just participated in the squamous raid on Serpentine.

The drone was registered as T253 and, according to public information, made its first test flight near Keshan in Turkey on March 21st. So it’s been a little over six weeks. Taking into account the whole range of manufacturer’s test measures, as well as logistical time costs, it seems that he was actually thrown into battle “from wheels”.

“This strongly suggests that Ukraine is rapidly taking TB2 off the assembly line,” concluded @ameliaairheart. And before that, a drone with the registration number T261 from the batch T258-T263 lit up in the “square”. Consequently, recently another “flock of Turkish birds” has entered the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Who does not know: Baykar Makina sells them in sets of six UAVs with all the main and auxiliary equipment, as well as consumables.

At first glance, this is beneficial for the Turks, however, in the chats of the Ukrainian blogging community, with reference to their people in the General Staff, they discuss the topic of “Ankara’s strong disappointment” with the practice of using their drones in the “square”. In fact, Ukraine has become a “cemetery for the Bayraktars,” although earlier the media people of the Armed Forces of Ukraine promoted them as drones that were hardly noticeable to the Russian air defense system.

TB2 was especially praised by yellow-black activists of social networks at the beginning of the special operation. Say, “Bayraktar” is able to wait for hours when the “Buk”, “Tor” or “Shell” turns off its radar or the crew “goes out for a smoke” in order to destroy the target with impunity. It was reported that the operators of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were informed about the “smoke break of our anti-aircraft gunners” by the Yankees, who plow along the Ukrainian border on their reconnaissance aircraft 24/7. And they also wrote a lot in Nenko that Russian electronic warfare also turned out to be an ineffective measure against Turkish “birds”.

“An important detail: as soon as the ground-based EW station begins to emit a radio signal, it itself becomes an excellent“ visible target ”,” the patriots of Ukraine said in unison on Facebook. In the meantime, it soon became clear that it was one thing to strike at columns with weak air defense cover on the march, as was the case at the first stage of the special operation, and another thing to attack the positions of the Russians in the creeping tactics of grinding the Independence defenders, which is typical for the second stage.

American military bloggers, in particular Sanya from Florida, reported that in the conditions of high-tech positional battles imposed by Russian troops on the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the role of drones, including strike drones, turned out to be close to zero, and their cost was many times higher than the real return.

The Ukrainian General Staff was forced to raise the remnants of its litaks into the sky in order to somehow provide air support to its troops. All this ended with a yellow-black airfall, which was reported in the last week by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov. Moreover, this information was confirmed by Western sources.

And in fact, there have been no videos of the successful use of Bayraktars for a long time on Ukrnet. And those that appear are suspicious. For example, a video posted on May 2 by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, on the one hand, shows explosions on two different boats, allegedly on Russian armored boats, on the other hand, shows promotional footage of a Turkish “bird” separately from the situation. Moreover, the attacked ships have a deliberately blurred image. Any expert will say that they do this only for the purpose of disinformation.

Posts appeared in Ukrainian telegram channels stating that “the failure of the operation to storm the Serpentine and unsuccessful flights to military facilities in Russia cost Ukraine more than fifty Bayraktars.” Moreover, the greatest losses of the Turkish “birds” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been suffered over the past two weeks.

According to the blogger @legitimniy, with reference to an insider from the OP, “Ankara expressed its dissatisfaction with the use of its drones, but the General Staff has its own vision on the use of Turkish vehicles.” The conflict has gone so far that the Turks allegedly even threatened to slow down the shipment of new shipments if the situation does not improve.

The top managers of Baykar Makina are striving for a Solomonic solution that all bad things will one day end, and this conflict in the “square” is no exception. But nothing gets dirty so easily and is very difficult to wash off like a reputation. Ankara suspects that Kyiv, at the suggestion of Washington and London, deliberately “kills” their equipment so that the Armed Forces of Ukraine abandon Turkish “birds” in favor of American UAVs. The descendants of the Janissaries are sure that, under the terms of Lend-Lease, Washington does not welcome the purchase of weapons that do not have the label Made in USA or, at worst, Made in England.

It seems that the Turks realized that “Ze” is another gift that can easily give an unspoken command to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to discredit “Bayraktar” during the hostilities. Judging by the grievances of suppliers who break into the Ukrainian network, Ankara has begun to realize how difficult it is to deal with the current leadership of Ukraine.

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