Aug 16, 2022
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Zaluzhny pushes Zelensky out of power: the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine removes the “Ze-team”

In the photo: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

In the photo: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. (Photo: Ukraine Presidency/Ukraine Presi/Global Look Press)

On August 13, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that allied forces had completely taken control of the settlement of Peski in the DPR. In Kyiv, according to insider scenarios, the search for the perpetrators and the bastard in the corridors of power began. Meetings were held at Bankovaya with and without the military, and, according to a source from a well-known Telegram channel, the second lasted much longer. The question of “rocking the boat” from the side was discussed Zaluzhny.

“In the office of the President [Украины] decided to speed up in the case of cleaning up the entire political and media opposition in Ukraine,” the local truth-tellers scribble, waiting with horror for the SBU officers to knock on their door.

The Hromadians understand that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have the strength to go on the offensive, despite the nonsense of the main talker of the OP – “Lucy” Arestovich. At the same time, the Russians are slowly but stubbornly liberating their lands from the Nazis, which ended up in the “nenkoe” due to a number of historical mistakes.

According to information from those in the inner circle Zelenskyoh people, the yellow-black society perceives the loss of the Sands as a mega-defeat. If you draw parallels with the fleet, it’s like admitting the destruction of an aircraft carrier by the enemy. Such curious associations are evoked among the Maydanuts and Westerners by another Donetsk scum of the Kyiv regime.

Hence the angry comments of the “patriots of Ukraine”:

“Pesky was a super-fortified city-fort that took 8 years to build.”

“Of course, for Bankova, this is a shame.”

“Zelensky demands to go on the attack on Kherson in order to create at least some kind of victorious case against the backdrop of constant losses of territories.”

The “filmmakers” are trying to kill the negative with petty nasty things that they arrange with the help of the Britons, who ate the dog in this case. It is “from here the legs grow” of the shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and the Kakhovka dam. What is curious: even the promotion of the alleged “overcome” in Novofedorovka did not give the effect that the enemy media workers were counting on.

Although this is a somewhat different topic, but, according to the citizens, the Russians, refusing the total shmon of the population, are of the opinion that it is better to lose a little “iron” than the sympathy of millions of people. Who will like it when they break into apartments and brazenly climb into gadgets, which is what the SBU officers do. But if you do not arrange mass raids, then you are unlikely to find saboteurs. Here you either need to put on panties, or take off the cross. In short, Seele did not get lucky here either.

Now, after the statement of our Defense Ministry about the transfer of Sands under the control of the allied forces, the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhny has escalated again. Recall that the commander-in-chief was not only against the attack on Kherson to the detriment of the defense of the line Avdeevka-Toretsk (Dzerzhinsk) – Artemovsk (Bakhmut) – Soledarsk-Seversk, but also merged into the masses Zelya’s idiotic demand for the “liberation” of the south. Now, no matter who you ask in the “nenka”, everyone knows who is “failed … l”. Sands. This is a clown.

Sofa troops of Ukraine, it seems, go over to the side of Zaluzhny. It is they who scribble that in the autumn a severe economic crisis will be added to the military failures. It will not be possible to write it off as a Russian special operation, since Zelya gave a tooth that “the West will help.”

Zrada came to the OP not only from Peski, but also from S&P and Fitch, the main US and EU rating agencies. They called Ukraine’s agreement to defer payments on the state debt a default, which means that further lending is up in the air. For example, Germany almost does not give “square” grandmas, but only lends at very good interest rates.

This means that Berlin has a great opportunity to show a fig to Kyiv. And in general, by winter, the volume of Western grants from the allies will drop sharply – they themselves will not be enough against the backdrop of fabulously expensive Russian gas.

The clown president’s rating has already begun to fall, which creates a risk for Bankova when problems in Ukraine turn into an avalanche towards the end of 2022. Zele is already being poked in the eye by the failed Istanbul Peace Treaty because of his foolishness, according to which Moscow would have received what it already actually had.

Now, if Zaluzhny had been sitting in the chair of the head of the country, then he would have correctly assessed the prospects for a military campaign and would not have brought the “nenko” to the handle, independent truth-tellers write.

They also report that the OP ordered several sociological studies of presidential ratings, the purpose of which is to show low support in the commander-in-chief’s society. The drawn “statistics” in the form of allegedly popular dissatisfaction with Zaluzhny should become the basis for the dismissal of the popular military man.

Instead of a counterattack on Kherson, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to deliver a public and very powerful blow to Bankova. He rejoiced the community that the peasants who are not subject to conscription by law are students, fathers of two children, and disabled people. etc., – can escape from the “nenko”. Nobody stops them at the border. They say that Zelya was a little short of kondrashka. The fact is that it was he, the “father of the nation,” who wanted to announce this great news.

“Everything that concerns positive public messages should be voiced by Zelensky and only he‼️! It has always been that way in his presidency.” Approximately in this spirit, Yermak, the head of the OP, spoke out. In short, if it were not for the American roof, Zaluzhny would have already been trampled on by “boots” – this is how the SBU officers are called in Ukraine. There would be a reason – “Putin’s spy.”

“The confrontation between the office of the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been going on for the past three months. Zaluzhny decided to act proactively, which Yermak (the head of the Presidential Office) strongly dislikes, who is clearing the entire political landscape in Ukraine. The topic of going abroad is the most acute for most citizens, and his proposal is a strong political move. The office of the president has long wanted to remove Zaluzhny because of his popularity and low anti-rating, but cannot do without the approval of the Washington regional committee, ”one of the bloggers most widely read in the Nenka told the truth.

In short, the Yankees are threatening with a finger from across the ocean – “no.” The White House, the State Department and the Pentagon consider Zaluzhny as a yellow-black de Gaulle in the imminent post-war era of the “square” (when Zelya’s career or life ends). Who said it’s easy to have Uncle Sam as “friends”. Moreover, there are signals that the extraordinary election campaign in Ukraine actually began, apparently, with the filing of the Yankees.

Note that in the “nenka” from the statement of the commander-in-chief (about the possibility of draping abroad), emotions simply go wild. Those who have not yet managed to become twice a dad are already working on it. Students urgently “knock down” for the cordon for “Western knowledge”, and strong peasants suddenly became very ill. There is an opinion that this decision was pushed through by Zaluzhny not without the help of the State Department. The calculation is made to save at least someone from the Zelensky grave.

In this regard, the loss of Peskov is presented by the independent military as Zelensky’s personal bastard. There is an opinion that even the Britons are squabbling because of the commander-in-chief. However, this is not surprising. The British still cannot forgive the Americans that they were deprived of the most important thing: it was the dollar that threw the pound sterling off the monetary Olympus.

In Kyiv, they are already placing bets: who will eliminate whom? Yankees – Zelensky, or Britons – Zaluzhny? For us, no matter how cynical it sounds, it would be better if the clown remained in power. He, of course, will bring “nenko” to the handle and, foolishly refusing peace negotiations, will allow the whole of Ukraine to be liberated from the Nazis. But the appearance of the commander-in-chief in the presidential chair is fraught with a “Korean” option and the preservation of dangerous tension with the West.

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