Sep 13, 2021
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Zakharova warned the Czech Republic after the arrest of the participant "Crimean spring"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova warned the Czech Republic about retaliatory measures from Moscow after Alexander Franchetti, a participant of the “Crimean Spring” with a Russian passport, was detained in Prague.

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Czech Ambassador Vitezslav Pivonka and demanded to explain the motives of the actions of the Czech authorities, as well as to voice the essence of the offenses incriminated by Franchetti. The Russian Embassy, ​​for its part, sent a note of protest to the Czech Foreign Ministry.

The ambassador was warned that the continuation of the destructive line towards Russia will lead to further degradation on the initiative of the Czech side of bilateral relations and will not remain without a reaction from our side,

– the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry quotes Zakharova.

A ministry spokeswoman added that Moscow expects a prompt response from the Czech side to the appeal.

Earlier, the Czech authorities detained Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti, who was one of the participants in the events of the Crimean Spring, at the Prague airport. The reason for the arrest was an arrest warrant issued by Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the Czech Republic is already on the Russian list of unfriendly countries after the scandal with explosions in warehouses in Vrbetica. The Czech Republic blamed the Russian special services for everything and expelled Russian diplomats, but did not provide any evidence.

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