Jan 14, 2022
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Zakharova: Russia is ready to reset relations with the Czech Republic, move for Prague

Russia is ready to restart relations with the Czech Republic, but everything depends on real steps taken by Prague, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

“We agree that relations need to be brought out of the impasse. It’s 100%. And we are basically ready for it. However, with regard to the development of a positive agenda, let’s see how the statements of the new head of the Czech Foreign Ministry will be implemented by the Czech side. Move for Prague, ”TASS reports the words of Zakharova from a briefing.

The diplomat clarified that the Czech Republic was the initiator of the break in relations, while Russia had never sought this.

Recall that last month the new head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Jan Lipavsky, assured that he would think about how to reset and improve relations between Prague and Moscow. According to him, relations between the two countries are at a very low level.

Relations between the countries deteriorated in the spring of 2021 after the Czech authorities accused the Russian special services of being involved in the explosions in Vrbetica. Moscow called these accusations outrageous and unsubstantiated. The Czech side has never provided evidence of Russia’s alleged involvement in the incident.

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