Oct 12, 2020
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Zakharova promised a response to the expulsion from Latvia of a 75-year-old Russian

Vladimir Norvind
Vladimir Norvind

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called the deportation from Latvia of a 75-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, retired lieutenant colonel Vladimir Norvind from Latvia. According to her, this act is a massacre perpetrated on an elderly and sick person.

Foreign Ministry spokesman's comment is given on the official website of the department. Zakharova emphasizes that before the deportation, Norvind was deprived of a residence permit in Latvia, and then separated from his family and expelled from the country where he had lived for several decades. And this happened despite the fact that some time ago an elderly person suffered a heart attack.

Obviously, the Latvian authorities, obsessed with Russophobia, who are extremely biased about the attempts of the Russian-speaking diaspora to defend their right to preserve their historical memory, are ready to use any means to forcefully suppress dissent and disloyalty in society., - said Maria Zakharova.

She added that the provocative action against Norvind demonstrated the "inhuman cruelty" of nationalism in Latvia. Zakharova promised Riga that the incident would not remain without consequences.

Earlier reported that the Russian Embassy in Latvia also condemned the deportation of the veteran. The diplomatic mission stated that all conceivable norms of ethics were violated. Even despite the sharp deterioration in health, Vladimir Norvind was still expelled from Latvia.

The official reason for the expulsion of Norvind to his homeland was the dissatisfaction of the Latvian authorities with the activity of the former Russian military, who helped the needy and the lonely. However, as the Latvian human rights activist Alexander Gaponenko noted in social networks, in reality the incident was caused by the fact that the Republican Society of Military Veterans, which was headed by Norvind, numbered almost two thousand people. The organization had 22 branches throughout Latvia, helped military pensioners and defended their interests. In addition, many of its members had Russian citizenship. And during the elections, they all voted in support of the line of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The combination of these factors led to the fact that many fines were imposed on the society, and after that the organization was completely closed.

Gaponenko also believes that the announcement by Russia on the international wanted list of the Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya could have provoked the deportation of Norvind. In his opinion, the action of the Latvian authorities towards Norvind can be regarded as a symmetrical response to Russia and as a sign of support for Tikhanovskaya.

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