Sep 7, 2021
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Zakharova pointed to "cynical experiment" Kiev

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed to Kiev’s “cynical experiment”. The reason for the bitter words was the dismantling of the memorial sign in honor of the friendship between the capitals of Ukraine and Russia.

On September 6, a memorial sign was dismantled in Kiev, which personified the friendship between Kiev and Moscow. This decision was made by the city council. The sign stayed in its place for 20 years. According to media reports, it will become part of the “museum of totalitarianism” exposition.

In a commentary posted on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova noted that a number of Ukrainian politicians called it a kind of “victory” Independent. Some believe that the friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples has already been given up and should be forgotten.

“The incident is only regrettable,” the diplomat admitted and recalled the article by Russian President Vladimir Putin, which noted that now only one who hates Russia is considered the “correct” patriot of Ukraine.

Zakharova stated with bitterness that official Kiev “is stubbornly imposing hatred on the Ukrainian population towards everything that is connected or at least has anything to do with Russia.” The Foreign Ministry spokesman called this a “cynical experiment” on Russians and Ukrainians and called for an end to it.

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