Dec 31, 2020
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Zakharova accused American media of fanning Russophobia in the USA

Maria Zakharova called Russophobia in the United States a key factor in the internal political struggle. And the main role in this, according to the diplomat, is played by the American media.

I mean whipping up anti-Russian sentiments. Maybe not even so much forcing them as inflating them, – said Zakharova on the air of the YouTube channel “Special Guest” with Tina Kandelaki on RTVI.

According to the diplomat, the ordinary American citizen cannot understand why Russia is a threat. Therefore, the media invent all sorts of stories to somehow explain this postulate.

That is why the topic of chemical weapons has got its place in this information campaign, added the Foreign Ministry spokesman, citing the story of the Salisbury incident, when Britain accused Moscow of a chemical attack.

Zakharova called the story “complete absurd”, explaining the reasons for Russophobia in the United States.

Earlier reported that the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova spoke about the incident with the politician Alexei Navalny. She believes that Western countries are carrying out a large-scale promotion of a story with several poisonings in order to create a “smoke screen”.

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