Jan 24, 2021
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Zakhar Prilepin on the patented bourgeoisie and policemen who beat women in the stomach

The main problem with ordinary street oppositionists is not that they are young. (This is normal). Not that they are hooligans. (And that’s okay sometimes.) Not that they can’t always articulate what they want. (And so often it happens).

Their main problem lies in one glaring contradiction.

They – the crowd, though not all – want equality, social benefits, normal medicine, cool opportunities, vertical mobility, free education, and even social stability. They want decent pensions for grandmothers.

But they are led by people who, 30 years ago, demolished, trampled and devoured this entire list.

Well, children, well, by God. First Billionaire M.B.Kh., Yablokochnik Alexey, Young Democrat Artemy Troitsky, and Roizman is one of the same, and the young democrat Makarevich, and all this other – adoring party of Gorbachev and Yeltsin – these are your leaders.

The patented bourgeoisie.

They saw all this medicine in their grave, all these “social dependents” from among your grandparents, and all other proletarians and peasants.

They then, in the 90s – all this brilliantly proved: that they saw all of them, all this “people” – precisely in the grave – because it interferes with the great step of democracy, as well as the life of “normal people” who “know how to work and earn”. What, by the way, Alena Vodonaeva, who came out with you, stated on her Insta: how disgusting is the very idea of ​​paying cattle for children born to cattle. And the son of a billionaire Friedman, who also wanders around Moscow there with you – “for our and your grandmother” – also saw her in her grave, this grandmother, with her cattle grandchildren.

But you, my God, are young at all. You don’t remember a damn thing. You go to defend your rights under the leadership of those who took these rights away from you, or, at least, frantically legalized the removal of these rights.

And from an almost dubious height of 45 of my years – I look at it with the wildest sadness.

And even the results are already known: what exactly happens when the bourgeoisie makes a revolution. In the country of victorious bourgeois revolutions, they do not begin to build medicine and education, nor to feed “our and your grandmother.” Zelensky, Saakashvili and Pashinyan come there, and begin to break down medicine and education, and devour our and your grandmother.

Will you hear this?


Not because you are very sincere and passionate. But because you are stubborn and stupid.

About a riot policeman who kicked a woman in the stomach in St. Petersburg

The unreasonable policeman who kicked a woman in the stomach must certainly be punished. I say this as a person who worked for years in the OMON, was a squad leader, then a platoon deputy, and for all these years I have never seen anything like this, and even more so – did not do it. Although anything happened.

Now for the next thought.

We all observe how a huge pack of Pharisees, who for six years did not notice the dispersal of anti-fascist demonstrations in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye, the murder of Buzina, beatings of pro-Russian activists throughout Ukraine, general arrests, bombing of Donetsk and Lugansk, for six years, death of thousands – thousands! – peaceful people – and the death of hundreds, – hundreds! – children, – now, ripping off their throats, he yells:

– … ka-a-ak can this be terpe? Kicked aaaaril? Get out! Get out! Get out!

Let’s do it again.

The policeman will be punished. The woman will receive assistance and compensation.

But no one will uproot Donetsk and Luhansk children from the earth.

All your humanism is a bluff. Zilch and disgrace. You will never have faith. The antics. You don’t feel sorry for anyone.

Go to Kiev and sing there. You do it best.

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