Apr 7, 2021
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Zagitova and Medvedeva returned to the ice. How was Tutberidze’s star show

With the end of the triumphant world championship, the season in figure skating has not ended. Leading figure skaters of Russia performed in the ice show Eteri Tutberidzewhere all the attention was focused on the performance Alina Zagitova… We will tell you how it happened.

Yes, Alina Zagitova for the first time in a long time she went out on the ice, and even presented a new program. So far, no one really understands whether the Olympic champion will return to official tournaments or whether demonstration shows will become her main job. The figure skater herself does not know the answer to this question.

Zagitova: “Will we see the program at the competition? We’ll see”

A season and a half have passed since the suspension of Alina’s career. Of course, the audience missed her magical skating, even despite the fact that now there are completely different heroes in the Russian national team, who took the entire podium at the World Championships in Stockholm. Zagitova is remembered and loved, and therefore they enthusiastically followed her performance, even as part of the show.

Her new program is called Inner Light. A new dress, a new production, new special effects – right during the performance, Alina lit a light on her chest. It looked very impressive! Remember how we admired the stunt Anna Shcherbakova, which changed the color of the dress from purple to scarlet during rotation? The technology in the figurine has gone further – now the electronics are also connected. What will be next?

Alina choreographed this number to the soundtrack from the movie “Step Up 4” (composition To Build a Home) Daniel Gleichengauz… Idea – the skater gives the audience a piece of herself. The light on her chest in the middle of the room with the dimmed light in the hall symbolizes her love for the people around her.

“This is a very deep topic for me, because I feel the love of all the spectators, my fans. I am insanely grateful to them, and I want to give this gratitude somehow. My soul lights up, and I share it with everyone. It turns out that the entire stadium caught fire – a piece of my soul remained with the audience.

Will we be able to see today’s program in the competition? We’ll see.

Short or Free? So far, this is still an indicative number, ”Zagitova (“ SE ”) said after her speech.

If we talk about the purely sports component of Zagitova’s program, then in general the performance can be considered good. In just two of her appearances on the ice, she performed four jumps, of which she tore only a triple lutz, and all the rest she performed cleanly.

Medvedeva jumped all jumps

Another skater who missed most of the season is Evgenia Medvedeva… She also took part in the show “Champions on Ice”. And she coped with her role brilliantly: first she skated to the music “Echo of Love”, and then to “Anna Karenina”. She managed to jump all the planned jumps – a cascade of a triple salchow-triple toe loop, a solo triple salchow, and in the second part she performed a purely triple rittberger and again a triple salchow.

“The recovery was long, I had to go to the hospital again. But now, probably, you can see from me that I look healthier. The body began to work properly, I am not complaining about my health.

I think now only Anechka Shcherbakova has a 100% form, and I will not evaluate my form.

Coronavirus vaccination? I still have a large number of antibodies, I don’t think about it yet, ”Medvedev said after her speech (TASS).

True, Medvedev did not answer specifically about plans for the next season. According to her, “this season must first take place, and then it will be seen.”

Akatieva: “I’m in shock right now”

In addition to famous figure skaters who have brought Russia more than one gold medal at various international tournaments, potential stars also appeared in the Tutberidze show. One of them is a 13-year-old pupil of “Khrustalny” Sofia Akatieva… She also skated her part of the program superbly, after which she admitted that it was very pleasant to perform in front of a large audience.

“Great impressions, because I really enjoyed performing in such a large audience,” Akatieva told R-Sport. – It is very pleasant that I was invited to this show. I performed with eminent athletes, and I am very pleased. I’m in shock now, I really liked it.

I haven’t watched the replay yet, but it felt more or less. In the short program in competitive mode, I had a cascade with a triple axel, but at the show they decided to show a quadruple toe loop instead of a double axel. We prepared this program for the show – trained, rolled.

I love performing in public, it gives me strength. It’s nice when you ride in the big hall. It’s safer for me to jump, because it’s necessary to jump in the dark, and the sheepskin coat was a little more stable, and we decided that the sheepskin coat would be more confident to make ”.

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