May 3, 2021
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Yusif Eyvazov: I almost multiplied with my wife because of participation in the “Mask”

The famous opera singer Yusif Eyvazov, who disappeared in a Lama costume, told his wife, performer Anna Netrebko, that he was participating in the “Mask” show, because he feared that the night shooting would end without explanation for their couple in divorce.

Yusif Eyvazov: I almost multiplied with my wife because of participation in the

Another season of the popular show “Mask” has already ended, which surprised everyone with an emotional ending. The audience’s favorite Lama took the second point, and it became famous that the opera singer Yusif Eyvazov was in the Lama’s costume.

He decided to report on his difficulties, which he had during the filming of the program. Yusif noted that nowhere did he feel the emotions that the “Mask” project gave him. Eyvazov added that he had dreamed of participating in this program since last year, when the initial season was released.

At the same time, when the producers called him and offered to participate in the project, he trembled that because of the tour schedule he would not be able to do this. Yusif was almost the only hero of the project, which broke the rules of the show and told his wife about participating in the “Mask”.

The singer clarified that if Anna had not informed that he was starring in The Mask, they would have divorced. However, at the same time, Netrebko did not know in what disguise the husband was, and everything was equally lying around the Lama. Yusif emphasized that his son guessed in what costume his father was, even without looking at the TV, with just one voice.

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