Apr 9, 2021
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Yuri Stoyanov is outraged at how elderly people are treated


Actor Yuri Stoyanov admitted that people at his age are being bullied.

This summer, the Gorodok star will turn 64 years old. At the same time, the actor is more than ever in demand in the profession. He manages to act in different projects at the same time, and recently even acted as a participant in the “Mask” show on NTV. However, Stoyanov admits: the public does not always perceive his experiments positively, calling him too old for vigorous activity.

Stoyanov admits: despite the demand from directors, he still has not fully realized his acting talent. The star dreams of serious, deep images that he feels he can perform at the highest level.

Every time I watch someone play – and how I cry or laugh. The wife asks: “Is it really so good?” And me: “No, I just played for him.” How I would play! I watch these modern films, so many roles – and everything is like sand through my fingers. How many are running away! It’s all without me. And I, speaking tactfully, is a middle-aged artist… “- Yuri Nikolaevich notes.

Yuri Stoyanov
Yuri Stoyanov

Stoyanov, 63, also lamented the trend of negative attitudes towards older actors in recent years. “Now I am faced not just with some kind of disrespect, but with the most real mockery of middle age. These are all the comments addressed to my colleagues: “I pulled my face”; “The face was shredded”; “God, how old he is!” … Do they not understand that we are all going to die? I really like my condition. I like my way there, – pointed the artist with a finger up. – We do not feel our age. Age is in the eyes of a person on the contrary, in me it is not. What do you need to be successful? Being healthy, rich, indifferent and young are four things. It offends me, because then I am denied something. I am proud of my age! I like that I am gray-haired in recent years. What is denied? In equality on the perception of me as a full-fledged, acting actor. They say: “You are old“.

Yuri Nikolayevich noted that even at 60 years old, life can be rich and bright. “We call it the survival period. What kind of survival ?! I can’t understand! Why is this happening? Is this a manifestation of youthful cruelty, dementia? They read little books“, – he said in a conversation with Vyacheslav Manucharov.

The artist is not sad about the years gone by, but enjoys the present. In the YouTube show “Empathy Manuchi”, he urged not to treat the elderly with neglect. “If you want us to be on the same wavelength, please watch the series “The Kominsky Method”. When you watch it, you will understand what life is after 60. I especially appeal to the young. Do not deprive such people of the right to creativity, even to love and to create. Don’t deprive them of the right to perspective, they also have the right to dream“- said the actor.

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