Sep 22, 2022
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Yuri Shatunov’s wife chose a monument for her late husband


It became known how the monument to singer Yuri Shatunov will look like.

The widow of Yuri Shatunov decided on the layout of the monument, which will be installed on the grave of the singer at the Troekurovsky cemetery. Svetlana, together with the artist’s children, looked at a lot of sketches, and as a result, their choice fell on a sculpture depicting the ex-soloist of “Tender May” in full growth, holding a microphone in his hands.

Together with the children, Dennis and Estella, we unanimously decided on a sketch … We settled on the option with a microphone. And notice how the microphone is located – at the very heart. After all, Yura passed every song through his heart …“, – said the widow of the musician.

Svetlana added that initially many insisted that white roses must be present on the monument, as a reference to Shatunov’s most famous hit, but the relatives decided to let the flowers be alive.

Monument to Yuri Shatunov
Monument to Yuri Shatunov

May Yura always have living white roses or daisies on his grave, he also loved them. He even has a song called “Daisies”, which he released ten years ago. Yura loved wild flowers”, the singer’s wife explained.

Shatunov’s widow tried to make the monument look simple and modest, because it is to be placed in a cemetery, and not in a park. The image of the artist will be cast in bronze, and it will be 2 meters 16 centimeters high. The sculpture will be installed on a black stone pedestal, where the full name of the performer, the years of his life will be carved, and an autograph will be depicted, which the ex-soloist of Tender May used to sign.

Recall that Shatunov passed away this summer at the age of 48. The singer had a massive heart attack.

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