Feb 20, 2021
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Yuri Shatunov and Danya Milokhin starred in a joint social video in support of children from orphanages

18:14, 02/20/2021

The musician and blogger spent their early years in the same Childhood House.

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Danya Milokhin became famous as a TikTok blogger. However, to date, he has already managed to gain a million subscribers on his microblog on Instagram, appear on the cover of GQ magazine and record a track with Nikolai Baskov. Today it became known that Milokhin starred in the same video with the star of the 90s and ex-soloist of the group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov.

Shot with Dania Milokhin from the video of the social campaign in support of children from orphanages

It is worth noting that Milokhin and Shatunov spent their childhood in the same orphanage in Orenburg. Just like the performer of the hit “White Roses” at one time, Dana had to overcome many trials on the way to success, including misunderstandings from peers. But now Milokhin is increasingly in the spotlight of the secular press. So, his older brother and biological mother even became heroes of the talk show “Let them talk” on Channel One.

A still from the video, in which Dania Milokhin and Yuri Shatunov starred

By the way, last year, the former mentor of producer Yuri Shatunov, Andrei Razin, drew Milokhin. In November last year, in his Instagram microblog, he noted Dani’s talents, comparing him to Shatunov. Moreover, Razin even offered the blogger cooperation, noting that he would be able to perform the songs of “Tender May”. According to the producer, Danya Milokhin is now repeating the fate of Yuri Shatunov.

However, Milokhin from time to time becomes an object of criticism from some representatives of the domestic show business. So, Ksenia Borodina was outraged by one of the last images that the blogger tried on. The fact is that Danya put on a dress and played a scene with a friend, as if they were making him an offer. Leading “House-2” was outraged by the behavior of Milokhin. Ksenia suggested that Danya decided to simply declare himself in this way, but the TV star does not consider the behavior of the Tiktoker to be normal. Later, a flurry of criticism fell upon Borodin. The TV presenter, in turn, hastened to explain why she decided to speak out so sharply about 19-year-old Milokhin. In her opinion, adolescent idols like Danya should monitor their behavior so as not to set a bad example for the younger generation.

Archival photo of Yuri Shatunov and Andrey Razin

We add that Yuri Shatunov is also often in the spotlight of the secular press. The peak of the artist’s fame came in the 90s, when he performed with the group “Laskoviy May”. The musician left the band in 1991, deciding to start a solo career. Now Shatunov has been unable to establish relations with his former producer Andrei Razin for more than a year. Their conflict began with the fact that in 2016 Razin sold exclusive rights to 27 songs of the Laskovoy May group to one of the music companies. The deal was worth about a million dollars. For the company to be able to make money from the songs, it was necessary for all performers to sign a transfer agreement. However, Shatunov refused to do this.

Three years later, Razin announced that Yuri would no longer perform songs of “Tender May”. Allegedly, the performer refused to perform with the hits of the collective. Shatunov, in turn, denied the words of a former colleague, stating that he had all the documents allowing the public performance of compositions. At the moment, Razin and Shatunov are trying to resolve their differences through the courts.

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