Jan 27, 2021
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Yuri Nikolaev called the documentary about Yulia Nachalova very honest

07:54, 01/27/2021

The 72-year-old TV presenter came to the screening of the tape as part of the Doc-Talk show.

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On January 25, a documentary about Yulia Nachalova was shown on Channel One as part of the Dok-Tok talk show. The singer died on March 16, 2019 from acute heart failure, which was caused by blood poisoning and internal organ failure. According to relatives of the star, shortly before hospitalization, she rubbed her finger strongly, performing in high-heeled shoes. This provoked the appearance of an abscess, which was fatal.

Despite the fact that in the past few years Nachalova as a creative unit was deprived of the attention of radio and television, for many fans and viewers she remained a very positive and cheerful person, to whom they were willingly drawn. Therefore, so much attention is riveted to the image of the artist even after she was gone. The first release of the film about the star was dedicated to her marriage to Dmitry Lansky. Larisa Dolina and Irina Saltykova, who came to the show, remembered that the first husband, whom Julia married at 18, spoke sharply about her appearance, believing that she needed to lose weight. Dmitry’s words instilled uncertainty in the young wife, and when she found him with the other, this act of his unsettled her for a long time. After parting with Lansky, the singer went on a tough diet, which brought her to anorexia. The body began to malfunction, due to which health was undermined.

Dmitry Lanskoy and Yulia Nachalova

The second issue of the documentary about Nachalova, which was released on the First on January 26, was dedicated to the marriage of Julia with the football player Yevgeny Aldonin. Yuri Nikolaev and Dmitry Malikov came to the Dok-Tok studio. The 72-year-old presenter of the famous “Morning Star”, from which the artist’s career began, gave his assessment of what he saw. “Ksenia, first of all, is a very honest film, very honest,” Nikolayev commented on the tape. And when asked why the celebrity broke up with the father of her daughter Vera, who gave the impression of a good and reliable guy, Yuri Alexandrovich replied that it was a matter of character.

“She is a maximalist in her convictions. If she did something, she did it great. She wanted to look amazing, and so did her spouses. I think it all depends on the character. In addition, we are talking about an adult woman. To convince her of something or insist, firstly, this is not a method, then, it seems to me that in relation to Yulia it would be simply impossible. Maybe I’m wrong. For me, Julia remains a bright and bright person who always gives herself to those around her, ”noted Yuri Nikolaev. “Parting with Zhenya is a fatal mistake. But this is a whirlwind of female madness, ”added Dmitry Malikov, recalling that she left Aldonin Nachalova for hockey player Alexander Frolov, with whom she fell uncontrollably in love.

Julia Nachalova and Evgeny Aldonin with their daughter Vera

It is noteworthy that Nikolaev and Malikov prepared a small surprise for Nachalova’s parents and friends. The fact is that while Yulia was still alive, she invited Malikov to sing a duet. Then the artist was on tour and did not have time to meet with a colleague, so he asked her to send a demo of the proposed song. The singer fulfilled her promise, and Dmitry kept the audio. He added his voice there and it turned out the very duet that was first heard before the New Year, on the day of the 40th anniversary of the singer. “We took Yulia’s voice and processed it. It sounds quite professional. She sang well, even though it was a demo that was recorded the first time, ”said the 50-year-old artist.

Dmitry Malikov in the show “Doc-talk”

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