Apr 5, 2021
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Yuri Kuklachev: People are used to living without conscience

During his updated performances, the famous Russian cat trainer Yuri Kuklachev gives parents recommendations on raising children.

Yuri Kuklachev: People are used to living without conscience

He told FAN that his newly minted performances with cats are very popular with people who missed the pandemic for entertaining shows.

The trainer added that for the children and parents he travels to the country of cats. He takes the guys to the crystal castle, where they play with flashlights and cats for two hours.

Kuklachev notes that the performances do not allow him to please the audience, however, and talk with all the elders present about the most dignified.

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Yuri said that he was talking with his parents and asking them to create not consumers, but geniuses, and also gives exercises according to Stanislavsky’s system, which formed the basis of his book “Internal Cooking”.

In captivity, he told about one of the most important ideas of his communication with his parents about the correct upbringing.

Kuklachev believes that a person should reconsider his own outlook on life. The Creator gave people a similar tool, which tells people to act in life, but people do not know how to use them. The bustle takes everyone away from the same route. However, this does not give rest and is called conscience, but many ignore it, so much as if they are used to living without it, he concluded.

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