Sep 16, 2020
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Yuri Bykov announced his new film “The Boss”

17:41, 09/15/2020

Filming of the project will start in October.

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Shooting of the new film directed by Yuri Bykov "Master»Start in October. The film will be a joint project of KinoPoisk HD and Hype Film, as well as an international team from France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico and Russia. According to Bykov, the picture will be another attempt to find an answer to the age-old question of Russian society: why is it divided into different classes, is dialogue possible between their representatives, and is there a possibility of growth.

The film will be co-produced by Nicholas Celis, who worked on the Mexican film Roma, which was nominated for an Oscar in 10 categories in 2019. The Swiss film company Bord Cadre Films, the British Sovereign Films and the French Charades will take part in the work. Details of the plot and the names of the leading actors have not yet been disclosed.

Yuri Bykov

"The film "The Boss" is an attempt to answer the question that has been ripening in Russian reality for hundreds of years - why is society rigidly divided into the lower and upper classes, a dialogue and compromise between these estates is possible, but the main thing is whether an ordinary person in Russia can become independent and free from " The owner "" - explained Bykov.

We add that in April this year, Yuri Bykov said that this year it is planned to start filming his new multi-part film “Zero". The film will touch upon the history of the change of eras at the turn of the 90s and 2000s, which radically changed life in the country. Bykov will write the script for the film together with Evgenia Bogomyakova... The plot of the film tells about a former police investigator who served eight years for a corruption crime committed by him. According to Yuri, this is a story about a man who ended up at the zero point: he lost his job, family and friends, destroyed everything that was dear. He is trying to understand why this happened. According to the plot, he is a former investigator, convicted of a corruption crime for 8 years, of which he was really guilty.

In the film "Zero" the director will talk about the change of eras

The freed ex-policeman receives an unexpected offer from a cellmate, who has promised him a very large amount of reward. The fact is that at large he was an entrepreneur and he was harshly set up with business, ruining him in the 90s, and his son was also killed in those terrible years. The culprit of the tragedy, not caught, haunts the former businessman, who decided to attract a freed investigator as his assistant. The situation is complicated by the fact that the murder took place 20 years ago.

As Yuri Bykov said, the hero will have to go on a dangerous journey to a large city far from the capital and unravel there the most complicated tangle of relationships formed at the turn of the eras - the outgoing 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. “As always it turns out that no one is clean or white. Everything that has happened in these 20 years is a round date, we must blame not only those whom we usually blame, but, probably, ourselves. Maybe even, first of all, myself, ”Bykov shared.

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