May 31, 2022
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Yulianna Karaulova showed her one-year-old son – birthday


Singer Yulianna Karaulova organized a holiday for her son Alex on his first birthday.

The Star Factory graduate discovered another plus of motherhood: the opportunity to organize children’s parties every year, which she herself never had. The day before, the singer celebrated the birthday of her son Alex, who turned one year old. The performer hired a whole team that prepared a big surprise for the birthday boy.

The singer, of course, understands that her son will definitely not remember this holiday. But close and invited guests will remember him. By the way, according to the star mother, the birthday boy steadfastly withstood the noisy event. Most of all, Alex was interested in the balloons with which the restaurant was decorated, as well as a large birthday cake with a candle.

Yulianna Karaulova with her husband and birthday son
Yulianna Karaulova with her husband and birthday son

I was at the best party today! My son is one year old! Do you represent? Me not! Here is a happy birthday boy who heroically endured the first big holiday in his life. And I didn’t know that children’s birthdays are such a thrill! I am delighted“, – said Julianna.

Later, the first photos from the Karaulova family celebration appeared on the Web. In all the pictures, she looks incredibly happy next to her husband and son, who, by the way, is very similar to her.

Yulianna Karaulova
Yulianna Karaulova

Recall that the singer’s husband is sound producer Andrey Cherny. They met 17 years ago, but then they could not even think that they would become a couple. In 2016, Karaulova received a marriage proposal from her lover, but then she put off going to the registry office for a long time. Shortly before the birth, Julianna admitted that they played a secret wedding, to which only close friends were invited.

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