Apr 8, 2021
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Yulia Vysotskaya spoke about valuable lessons from her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, quarantine with family and attitude to botox

Yulia Vysotskaya spoke about valuable lessons from her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, quarantine with family and attitude to botox

Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky

Recently, 47-year-old Yulia Vysotskaya gave several new interviews at once. One of them came out just the other day – in it the actress spoke not only about her work on the film “Dear Comrades!”, Which received a special prize at the Venice Film Festival, but also about joint quarantine with her family, valuable lessons learned from her 83-year-old husband Andrei Konchalovsky, and self-care.

Andrey Konchalovsky and Julia VysotskayaAndrey Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya

So, Vysotskaya admitted that in her family with Konchalovsky there are several important rules that everyone must follow: this is not to show your bad mood and always smile at each other. The actress also said that the years of her marriage to a filmmaker have taught her to take life easier. With Julia’s perfectionism, mastering this “skill” is not always easy.

I work on myself, strive for lightness. And more and more I accept a share of a certain indifference, which is inherent in my husband. I have a good teacher, I learn this indifference from him and, it seems to me, I am making progress,

– said Vysotskaya in an interview with the publication “7 days”.

Andrey Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya

Julia also admitted that in life it is more difficult for her to correspond to herself than to her illustrious husband, because the actress’s own requirements for herself are much higher than those put forward by her husband.

Andrey Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya

Vysotskaya said that the coronavirus year 2020 turned out to be very difficult for their family, as for most people in the world. However, despite the inability to travel the world and the reduction of work projects, Julia tried to find her advantages in quarantine. For example, the actress rejoiced at the time she could finally devote entirely to her family, and also began to study foreign languages.

In self-isolation, I studied French and Italian, did something around the house, but such a conserved existence did not give me so much. I have become better at speaking French, maybe I have become better at understanding grammar, but to speak, you have to go to France and practice there. And for people living together, this period became a test. Someone became closer to each other, and someone broke up, and maybe this is good. Because something appeared that could not appear in ordinary life, and quarantine helped to dot the i’s. In the case of our family, I am grateful to this period for the fact that we were able to take a break, stop in the middle of a frantic race and see and hear each other again. And it’s absolutely priceless– Julia shared.

Julia VysotskayaJulia Vysotskaya

Vysotskaya also spoke about her attitude to anti-aging beauty procedures. The star did not specify whether she resorted to “beauty injections” herself, but admitted that she did not see anything wrong with this manipulation:

Why give it up? If it makes you worse, you shouldn’t resort to it, and if it makes you better, then don’t give it up. Botox is good because it goes away after a while and does not leave any traces.

Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya also shared the secrets of her toned figure. The actress admitted that she loves delicious food and wine, but she cannot imagine her life without constant restrictions, up to periods of starvation.

Today, for me, the enjoyment of life is impossible without the enjoyment of hunger. In general, you need to give up something in order to feel the joy of returning later. You can’t enjoy endlessly, there must be a period of abstinence when you limit the consumption of everything – food, wine, TV shows, shopping. This gives you the opportunity to seriously immerse yourself in other things, and get joy from it. Then, with another joy, to return to your favorite bread and butter or an overlooked TV series,

– Vysotskaya shared her experience.

Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya

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